Is Finding A Dealer Online Too Risky?


Finding a consistent dealer in your area is one of the biggest problems for a stoner in states without legal marijuana. Having a dealer that is consistent, on time and has good nugs is something that every stoner needs. We’re all not as lucky as those in California, Colorado, Washington and other states with medical and recreational laws in our favor. If you’re stuck in states like North Dakota, Florida, Texas and the list could go on, finding a dealer is tricky at times.

That has lead to a lot of people moving to online to find green. Social media has taken over a big part of our lives. Just about everybody has a Twitter or Facebook. People are online for a large part of their day: searching Google, posting memes, and asking for weed?

I’ve seen so many people these days looking for weed online. People have asked in our comments tweeted there email address saying what city they need bud in, forums and the list goes on. If you have a large enough and/or loyal Twitter following, I would not be surprised if this works almost every time. You still run the risk of it being a setup. You never really know who is running that Twitter handle on the other side.

The biggest thing that has drawn me to see so much “online dealing” is our comment section of our 15 Rules For New Weed Buyers To Follow post. The comments in that section fly all day with people asking for weed in certain areas with their email.

askingforweedonlineI’ve seen people go on there telling people their prices to contact them. I did a post about sending marijuana through the mail. It was all basic knowledge with help from a book called The Art Of Sending Marijuana By Mail. It had insights about delivery companies, laws and stuff you would need to know about sending marijuana. But, blatantly putting online what you have for sale is just asking for some trouble. Then following through with it.

dealerMost of this comes to light after a Louisiana teenage girl had the police at her doorstep after posting a picture people smoking marijuana on Social Media Instagram. The St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Department said to WAFB that they started an investigation over the picture.

“A detective with the narcotics division saw a picture of people with marijuana on a social media site and began an investigation.”

This may have been a random investigation but if it happened to her, it most likely can happen to any of us. All she did was post a picture of marijuana. Imagine if you were caught trying to buy some weed from an online cop? The chances do seem very small of getting caught. However, if they went after this girl. Imagine what they would do if they saw illicit selling of marijuana via the internet? Maybe the FEDs wouldn’t care?

I’ve seen first hand on my personal timeline of people trying to buy and sell marijuana on social media. This is much less sketchy than on a message board or a comment thread. You somewhat or personally know these people you follow on Twitter or Instagram. It is a long shot but if you have enough followers I think you can find weed just about anywhere. Most of the time dealing with a fellow stoner should be fine.

twitterweedIt’s those random ones that get robbed or worse. It’s kind of like Craigslist’s for weed. Unless you actually use Craigslist to find weed? I really hope you don’t. Please, don’t use Craigslist’s to find or sell weed. Don’t worry Instagram is safer to sell? As you can see, it is pretty laid back with nobody really sketched out. It’s not just with weed. I blurred out all of the names. I wouldn’t want these people to get in trouble from me writing about this topic.


‘The police can’t catch everyone in the streets selling or buying marijuana. The cyber police definitely can’t catch everyone online doing the same. If there’s a market for online marijuana, there will be people who take the risk. It is only time until a company comes along and starts selling marijuana online legally. By 2015, there will be a company selling marijuana online legally.

Is Finding A Dealer Online Too Risky?
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