Stay Fresh: The Fly By Tee By Fly Society

Stay fly with this Fly Society shirt taking off into the clouds. Plndr is running a Buy 1 Get 1 Fat Tuesday deal for two more days. All you have to do is use the code FATFREE when checking out.

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Cannabis Festivals & Corporate Sponsorship

As the cannabis plant is reintroduced to America, what’s more logical than corporate sponsorship of cannabis events?  Wall Street is paying attention.   420 is now becoming the subject of festivals and concerts, especially in Colorado and Washington state, where medicinal marijuana is legal. Even in Texas, which hasn’t relaxed its marijuana laws, there are […]

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Mixtape: DJ Big Kush Jay – The very Best Of Cypress Hill

It may not seem like it but 4/20/2014 is right around the corner. YOu know we will have surprises for you guys leading up to 4/20. Giveaways and a mixtape is will be in the mix as well. Until that heavy smoking day, let DJ Big Kush get your ears some gasms with The Very Best Of Cypress Hill.

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Rosalind Lipsett Could Get It

Rosalind Lipsett is an Irish Goddess, who is based in Los Angeles, that was recently recently shot in a Frankie’s Bikini for FHM Netherlands. Gallery included.

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Check out one of our favorite strains, Big Buddha Cheese from Gorilla Seed Bank. Discreet delivery and free seeds with every order.


Stoner Song Of The Week: Buddy Feat. Miley Cyrus – Smoke Signals (Prod By Pharrell)

Buddy is signed to Pharrell’s i am Other label. He only had 3 official released tracks before releasing his project Idle Time. His two two tracks were “Awesome, Awesome” and “Staircases” featuring Kendrick Lamar.

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4:20 Flick: Kid Lands Triple Backside Rodeo Flip

I’m pretty sure that Billy Morgan was the first to land this trick but he didn’t get the grab. Max van Helvoort got the grab, as you can see above and below. Here are some words from the youngin’ Max.

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Stay Fresh: Fight Terror Smoke Homegrown By Lean Clothing

Fight terror by smoking homegrown marijuana. Support your local dispensary or marijuana shop. Lean Clothing has a ton of marijuana shirts for a good price.

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The $1,400 Ounce Known As “Caviar Marijuana”

I call caviar marijuana the holiday marijuana. Like the holidays, it brings everyone together. Caviar marijuana does the same concept. Caviar marijuana is marijuana buds soaked in hash oil and covered in keif.

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Watch Action Bronson Take A Bunch Of Dabs And Rate Them on Taste

Action Bronson joins the FRANK Show to take a bunch of different types of dabs.

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Stoner Art: Honeybee Warlock Pendant Dab Art

The dab art scene is getting as insane as the dabbing scene itself.

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