Week 2 Wrap Up

This post was written by The White Kid, Click here to read more by this author So i’m guessing Lenny isn’t going to be too happy when I tell all of you this, but I got to go to the Jets/Pats game yesterday. I’m a Giants fan, but my friend got the tickets for free, […]

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4:20 Flick: Steve Nash + Vitamin FTW

Everyday at 4:20 pm EST, there will be a new random funny video for you to smoke and laugh at. If you have a funny video that should be a 4:20 Flick, hit me up with it on twitter or send me and email at sportfiends@gmail.com Usually I won’t write a post for a company […]

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Indica Vs. Sativa

This post was written by T Click here to read his blog and Click here to read more by this author Indica and Sativa are the two main varieties of the cannabis plant used as medicine or for fun. There are many strains that are crosses of those two varieties. Within each of those varieties […]

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Bong of the day: Fatman I

Check out this awesome bong from Grass City and make sure you use code 420NOW to get a 10% discount. These bongs are made from the finest borosilicate glass under the highest quality standards. All bongs are tested before despatch. These are top quality glass bongs made in Germany. 18.8mm join Pick up yours at […]

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Check out one of our favorite strains, Big Buddha Cheese from Gorilla Seed Bank. Discreet delivery and free seeds with every order.

Jahaira Maravilla Could Get It

Meet Jahaira Maravilla my buddies over at Dynasty Series put me up on her. She is a model straight outta NYC who happens to be mixed with Dominican and Brazilian. That’s right. I said Dominican and Brazilian. It doesn’t get much better than that. That would explain why her ass looks like it weighs the […]

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Who would win in a fight… Jerry Jones vs Tom Coughlin

Every few days I showcase two celebrities who should fight and you will vote on the results… If you have any suggestions of celebrities, send them to me via twitter or email me at sportfiends@gmail.com Last night, the Dallas Cowboys set a regular season NFL record for attendance with over 105,000+ fans. All these people […]

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Smart Dudes: “Marijuana’s Effect on Brain Minimal”

I love it when science is on my side. NORML posted findings on their website that suggests that marijuana’s impact on the brain is “minimal”. The study was conducted by The National Center for Biotechnology Information, a government funded organization. So now my friends, we have government funded scientists proving that marijuana is virtually harmless […]

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The 20th Annual Boston Freedom Rally Was Fun

I am not much of a reporter but here goes nothing.

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15 Classic Cheech And Chong Scenes

By now, any stoner should know the classic comic duo Cheech and Chong who starred in stoner films like Up in Smoke, Cheech & Chong’s Next Movie, and Nice Dreams. These films have generated a cult following over the years and Cheech and Chong became stoner icons. Anytime you mention the names “Cheech and Chong” […]

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Daily Toke: Why don’t psychics ever win the lottery?

Who cares what Susan’s last name is, she’s cute. I hate when it’s getting to be 5 and 6 am and I stayed up to do my work and still haven’t done shit. Damn you twitter!!! Anyway, I had a wild weekend in Boston. The Boston Freedom Rally was crazy fun. Shout outs to all […]

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