Ultra Rare Video of Michael Jordan Shattering Backboard With One Hand

Here is very rare video of Michael Jordan from 1986 in a Nike Exhibition game in Italy where Michael Jordan dunks and breaks the backboard with one hand. Are you kidding me? It would suck to be that guy that was just walking to get the ball to inbound it and all of the sudden […]

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Daily Toke: Friendship is like money, easier made than kept

What up… Hope everyone had a good weekend.  I had all these links setup for a earlier today and then all of the sudden I love the post because my computer crashed and I couldn’t get them back.  Having to start over pisses me off but oh well. Sue Medeiros is cute.  [My Chill Pill] […]

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Gilbert Arenas Doesn’t Mind Losing

Gilbert Arenas is a team player. Right now his team is in last place off to a 1-8 start. Where is he? On the sideline, injured again and now he has shared how if the team finished in last place, it wouldn’t be such a bad thing. ESPN – “I don’t want to see them […]

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These Guys Are Pretty Good At Soccer

This week was the final of the Red Bull Street Style Soccer tournament in Sao Paulo, Brazil. There were players who gathered from all over the world to show off their soccer skills and impress the Brazilian ladies, who are IMO the hottest women in the world. CCTV – With players from 44 countries taking […]

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Clutch The Bear May Be The Coolest Mascot Ever

I first saw this video last year during the playoffs and I didn’t get a chance to post it. If you have seen it than you get a chance to laugh some more at it, if you haven’t than you can thank me later. This is a video of the Rockets mascot “Clutch the Bear” […]

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Daily Toke

TGIF. I’m tired as hell today but oh well.  Send your links to me at sportfiends@gmail.com. Wouldn’t it be great to wake up with Brooke Burke.  [Bossip] The 20 most painful mments in gymnastics.  [The World of Isaac] Man breaks the world record for kissing Cobras.  Why?  [Truth About It] The top 5 losers in […]

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Floyd Mayweather Has Money To Waste

Retired Boxer Floyd Mayweather was at Club Dreamz in Atlanta recently and apparently he went there, not to pick up chicks, not to dance, or to even get any drinks. He went just to throw 30 thousand dollars into the crowd. That’s right, this guy threw 30 g’s into the crowd. Are you fucking kidding […]

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Air Jordan Six Rings – Black/Black

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