HMJ Classics: The Great Strains — Northern Lights

[originally an installment in a series titled "The Great Strains"]   You probably know this legendary strain, one but you may not be aware of it. She’s one of the foundations of modern cannabis breeding. No other indica plant besides the legendary G-13 has accumulated such widespread recognition and fame as the Northern Lights Afghani. […]

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HMJ FunHouse: Amusement Park Insanity

You may call me any name you like, I am not riding this thing.   The first 3:30 is a young man acting like he is not anxious. Then the insanity begins. Whose sleep-deprived brain came up with a ride like this in the first place? Here’s another view. I will sleep better knowing this […]

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Magician Offers Weed to a Cop

Nice.   Nice.

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Welcome Home, Marc Emery

Marc Emery is back home in Canada.  The HMJ Staff wish Mr. Emery   After five years of prison food — fresh vegetables. The man is vegan, after all. After five years of sleeping alone — some time with Jodie. Marc and Jodie were close to “just married” when Uncle Sam came calling. After five […]

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interview with Rob Van Dam done by Truth Is Scary, reposted via

4:20 Flick: Rob Van Dam On Marijuana

If you are a pro-wrestling fan, you are probably familiar with Rob Van Dam. He is an iconic personality who has astounded us with feats of athletics for over two decades. He is also known as a marijuana activist, and has some strong feelings on why it should be legal and its availability as a […]

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Good News About Cannabis in the News

Here’s a bit of evidence that the winds have indeed shifted — in our favor.   Some recent examples: On July 26, The Boston Globe published a first-person account from one of its reporters about traveling to Colorado for cannabis. The piece painted a positive picture of the industry and batted down concerns by outsiders […]

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More Formal Cannabis Research

Once it finally becomes possible to get approval from NIH, there is going to be a lot of research into cannabis’ effectiveness. Here’s just the most recent on that front.   A pharmaceutical company has inked a licensing agreement with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to develop, test and possibly sell cannabis-based drugs for […]

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Music: Jeezy – Beautiful Ft. Game & Rick Ross

Jeezy Reunites with Rick Ross and brings Game along to give the people “Beautiful” music. Jeezy’s 5th Album Seen It All will be available 9/2

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Colorado to Discourage Teen Cannabis Use

Colorado is concerned that, with re-legalization, it will somehow be easier for kids to score some pot. Do they mean easier than now? Here’s what they are going to try.   How do you encourage kids not to use marijuana at a time when acceptance of pot is at historic highs and Colorado is more […]

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It’s 1937 in Utah

It is useful to know where you are.  It is also good to know when you are.  Welcome to Utah in 1937.  No, it’s 2014.   The [Utah Marijuana] compact calls for four principles to be followed when it comes marijuana policies, that include protecting families, strengthening the economy, medicinal value and law enforcement. The […]

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