Why Not a Non-Commercial Home Grow License?

There is a hole in the coming of cannabis re-legalization.  That hole is home grows.  The four jurisdictions — two now legal and two about to go that way — already liberated allow home grows of six (6) plants, three (3) of which can be mature.  This raises a host of questions and challenges, not […]

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HMJ Classics: The Great Strains — Mythical G-13

[originally an installment in a series called "The Great Strains"]   Any list of “Great Strains” must contain the legendary G-13. My evidence — every seed seller has something in their inventory tagged “G-13.” Like the Northern Lights we explored earlier, G-13 seldom stands alone, but is a part of some great hybrids. Here’s something […]

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HMJ FunHouse: Who’s the Pusher Now?

Here’s a song you might enjoy.   For a great graphic on the drug war please FOLLOW THIS LINK. Enjoy your weekend.

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Feds Whine “What Banking Problem?”

According to a spokesperson for the federal government, all is well.   Over 100 US financial institutions are working directly with marijuana-related businesses in states that allow for cannabis commerce, according to public remarks made Tuesday by a US Department of Treasury representative. Speaking this week at the 2014 Mid-Atlantic Anti-Money Laundering Conference in Washington, […]

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Re-Leg Campaigns in Oregon & Florida

Oregon has full-on re-legalization on their November ballot.  Florida’s fight is over medical marijuana.  Let’s take a look at each campaign.   Legalization backers in Oregon hope to dominate the discussion about marijuana legalization in the state. The recent $2.3 million television ad buy is on par with the cost of the entire campaign for […]

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Washington & Colorado & Real Cannabucks

The first numbers are coming in on Washington state’s decision to re-legalize. America loves money. Stories like this one help re-legalize cannabis amongst the non-toking members of our society.   Washington state-licensed marijuana retailers sold an estimated $3.8 million in cannabis products in July, the first month during which such sales were allowed under state […]

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Statistical Colorado After Re-Legalization

So, what did happen in Colorado after re-legalization?  Did Colorado just fall apart, or what?   The percentage of high-school students consuming marijuana has fallen in the years since Colorado legalized the personal use of cannabis to adults. . . . According to the survey, the percentage of high schoolers who reported consuming marijuana within […]

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Oklahoma Pushing for MMJ Vote

Efforts continued in Oklahoma until the last minute.   An advocacy group in Oklahoma is “hoping for a last-minute miracle” in its petition drive to get a medical marijuana initiative on the ballot, according to the organization’s chairman. Chip Paul, who heads Oklahomans for Health, said the group currently has about 120,000 signatures in hand, […]

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San Fran May Regulate MMJ Delivery

Here’s a new twist in the story of mmj in San Francisco.   A marijuana delivery service in San Francisco that dubs itself “the Uber of pot” is raising eyebrows among local officials concerned with the unregulated nature of such businesses. The company, called Eaze, has generated buzz because it lets medical marijuana patients order […]

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Shinobi Ninja – Libyan Libra (Official Video)

Shinobi Ninja – Libyan Libra (Official Video)

The homies from Shinobi Ninja have had a full head of steam as they just got off of a 5 week national tour, they just opened for Linkin Park at the Nikon Jones Beach Theatre and also dropped “Escape From New York” which is already a classic (iTunes Link).  This video for Libyan Libra stars the […]

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