Study says MMJ Has No Impact on Teen Use Rates

Here’s more research on what happens when mmj comes to town.   The passage of state laws legalizing the physician-recommended possession and consumption of cannabis by qualified patients has not led to an increase in adolescents’ use of the plant, according to a working paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research – a […]

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Event Reminder: The 5TH Annual Regga Pon The Mountain Next Weekend!

Hey LA, come to a reggae festival with us!! Reggae pon the mountain is an awesome and prime example of the youth banding together and creating something their community needs. 5 years ago, Topango Canyon youth started the annual summer reggaefestival. We at HMJ are super excited to be part of this musical community this summer! August 16th marks the […]

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Blowback from “Grass Is Not Greener”

As the sun rises on cannabis and sets on fear, the fear mongers will not go quietly.  HMJ believes in keeping one eye on these type of folks, so may we introduce you to “Grass Is Not Greener.” is an initiative of Smart Approaches to Marijuana (Project SAM), a nonpartisan alliance of lawmakers, […]

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Nurse-Practicioners Can Authorize MMJ in Maine

In Maine nurse-practicioners can now authorize the use of medical marijuana.   Nurse practitioners may legally authorize cannabis therapy, according to new legislation that takes effect this Friday. The legislation, LD 1739, expands the pool of those who can legally advise patients on the use of medicinal marijuana from physicians to ‘medical providers’ – a […]

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8/5/14 Mary Jane Of The Moment

Todays Mary Jane of the Moment comes from @vamps420 who is a longtime #HMJ supporter and a very cute stoner.  Make sure you guys follow her on instagram and let her know we sent you! “Mary Jane Of The Moment” is a feature where I will show you a new cute chick with weed every […]

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TIME Takes Our Side

First it was the New York Times telling the federal government they are wrong.  Now the gravitas of TIME gets on board.  Take a hit of this:   The fact is, the illegal status of marijuana hasn’t stopped millions of kids from smoking it every day, and it may stop many from seeking help. No […]

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The Step-parent role

When we are young we don’t consider all the extras of a relationship. As we get older though, we start to realize our partner comes with a family, a past, and more likely than not, some neurosis. This is a conversation that has come up a few times with different friends in the last few […]

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Study Finds Colorado Re-Legalization Has “Largely Succeeded”

Here’s a study from the respected Brookings Institution examining the roll out of re-legalization in Colorado. What does a neutral assessment say?   The Brookings Institution – a well-known think tank based in Washington D.C. – released a report Thursday heaping praise on Colorado’s recreational marijuana industry. John Hudak, a fellow in governance studies at […]

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Connecticut MMJ Ready for Lift-off

Medical marijuana on the east coast is about to happen.  Let’s visit Connecticut.   Medical marijuana dispensaries in Connecticut are about to welcome their first customers, even though the businesses won’t have any cannabis available for sale until later this year. Several of the six state-licensed MMJ centers expect to open their doors in the […]

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#WakeAndBake – 8/5/14

Shouts out to @lil_camcam_420 for using #HMJ on his dank shot on instagram. Bowls and GTA 5. Looks like a good day in the making. #WakeAndBake, is back! We want all your most awesome dank shots! Tag it on instagram with #HMJ on instagram, twitter, or email your #WakeAndBake images to Enjoy your flight.

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