Alcohol Prohibition Becomes Cannabis Prohibition

Here’s a well written piece looking at the period when alcohol prohibition came to an end and cannabis prohibition cranked up.   Which brings us to the switch from alcohol prohibition to marijuana prohibition. Our wealthy gentlemen mentioned earlier, Mssrs. Mellon and Du Pont, were instrumental in marijuana prohibition. Andrew Mellon appointed his future son-in-law […]

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Attorney General Suggests, “Let’s Re-Schedule”

Re-schedule would be a fine step on the way to re-legalization, don’t you agree?   The Obama administration would be willing to work with Congress if lawmakers want to take marijuana off the list of what the federal government considers the most dangerous drugs, Attorney General Eric Holder said Friday. “We’d be more than glad […]

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At Home Baked Nice n’ Krispy Treats Kit Walkthrough

A great company out of Denver, Colorado (called At Home Baked) has been making kits that allow you to make your own fresh edibles at home, and I’m about to walk you through the process of making the 600mg indica “Nice n’ Krispy Treats”, so that you can see how easy it is to make […]

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NJ Prosecutors Say “Legalize”

Everybody’s starting to come around.  About time.   Acknowledging that laws against marijuana use are about as effective as those employed during Prohibition, the New Jersey State Municipal Prosecutors Association has overwhelmingly recommended legalizing pot. While it’s advocacy you would expect from NJ Weedman, it’s a stunning stance for the very people who prosecute pot […]

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In Praise of Cannabis Tax Stamps

Here’s a simple idea to guide re-legalization.  Make the plant legal, again, and treat its’ personal and commercial use as a tax and revenue issue. Think white liquor. Maybe something like this –   If I want to grow my own at home and I don’t plan on selling my harvest, for $50 a year […]

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Weekend Funny: Mentos + Coke, Really?

I know, mentos and coke, even with the additional of nutella?  Seen that a million times.  Me, too, but have you seen this guy?   [image: Google images "marijuana, funny"]

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This Just In . . . Cannabis Kills Again?

The weekend is just a few hours away, and a couple of big stories are breaking.  Here’s a preview of both, which we will pick up next week if by some chance I remember to do so.  First, in New York City WeedMaps is setting up shop.   This is part of an email I […]

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9 of 15: New Mexico

Didn’t “The Land of Enchantment” have a very enlightened Republican (?) governor a few years back?  It’s #9:   It looks to me like New Mexico understands cannabis is medicine. To qualify for New Mexico’s Medical Cannabis Program, patients must meet one of 17 conditions, among them cancer, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, Post Traumatic Stress disorder […]

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Re-Legalized Cannabis Business News

There was a time cannabis stories appeared only in the “Police Blotter” section of the newspaper.  Today cannabis stories are regularly in the “Business” section of the news, regardless of medium.  Are you currently investing in cannabis’ bright future, or just in the cannabis itself?   Creative Edge Nutrition (FITX), company that makes of work-out […]

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More Scientific Proof that MMJ Works

Once honest scientific studies were allowed to happen — I’m looking at you, federal government — the proof supporting 10,000 years of folk lore — that cannabis can be medicine — just keeps rolling in.   British-based company GW Pharmaceuticals is now actively recruiting individuals for ongoing Phase III trials of a new drug called […]

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