HMJ Classics: Hemp in 10,000 – 8,000 BCE

[Originally part of a series called "4 Fascinating Facts About Hemp"] More on the ancient lineage of our favorite plant. 1. 10,000 BCE — industries using hemp fiber to manufacture textiles appear in China; more-or-less simultaneously 2. 10,000 BCE — industries using hemp fiber to manufacture textiles appear in several places in Eurasia. It’s a […]

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HMJ FunHouse: Trailers for Anti-Pot Movies

Here are a few coming attractions.  Where’s the popcorn?   Marihuana films: “Devil’s Harvest” “Assassin of Youth” is also the name of a book by Harry J. Anslinger “orgies of youth’s dissipation” — Marihuana One more for the weekend [not really a pot film] But a nice segue to a song Enjoy the weekend.

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Help Marc Emery Get Home

Though he has finished his entire sentence, Marc Emery is now in the gentle hands of the U.S. private, for profit prison industry.  Our friend Marc aside, private, for profit prisons are a bad idea.  Will you sign a petition to help end this made-to-be-abused practice?   To sign the petition to end private, for […]

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Oregon Wants Re-Leg Put to a Vote

Here’s an update from Oregon, trying to get re-legalization put to a vote.   Proponents of a statewide initiative to regulate the commercial production and retail sale of marijuana [in Oregon] have turned in 145,000 signatures to the Secretary of State’s office. The total is almost twice the number of signatures from registered voters necessary […]

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Thought Thursday: Favorite Edibles

Edibles. What can I say about them. They are probably the easiest way to get high. You don’t have to smoke or light a rig like the 7/10′ers. You can just eat and in a short period of time you will be high, as hell. I have had some amazing experiences on edibles but they […]

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Infographic: Happy 7/10 Dabbers

Our friends at weedmaps and marijuana.com bring you guys an awesome infographic teaching about the 7/10 lifestyle. If you know me, then you know I don’t really go hard with the wax but every now and then I will take a dab. Only from trusted sources but if you have a joint I’m all in. […]

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President Offered a “Hit” in Colorado

Did not want you to miss this.   Listen for the voice in the background, then the President smiles. [image: Google images "Barack Obama"]

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Marc Emery Finishes His Sentence

Marc Emery has finished his sentence.  He now begins a long strange journey to get home.   Some Canadian officials will soon have some ‘splaining to do. HMJ has looked at this issue before in a post called “Canada Prepares for Comeuppance.” The fun is just about to start.

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The Face of MMJ in NY

New York state became the newest medical marijuana state recently.  It’s not a great mmj program just now, but it’s a start.  Meet one of the people who brought this change about.  A human face always helps understanding, don’t you think?   [image: Google images "New York"]

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Edibles Getting Harder to Swallow in Colorado

The creation of edibles in Colorado may be getting a bit more challenging.   The state issued draft rules recently that would make it more burdensome to produce edibles with THC content above 10 milligrams. A high-potency candy bar would need to be divided into sections that can be broken off, for instance, and each […]

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