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Infographic: Happy 7/10 Dabbers

Our friends at weedmaps and bring you guys an awesome infographic teaching about the 7/10 lifestyle. If you know me, then you know I don’t really go hard with the wax but every now and then I will take a dab. Only from trusted sources but if you have a joint I’m all in. […]

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President Offered a “Hit” in Colorado

Did not want you to miss this.   Listen for the voice in the background, then the President smiles. [image: Google images "Barack Obama"]

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Marc Emery Finishes His Sentence

Marc Emery has finished his sentence.  He now begins a long strange journey to get home.   Some Canadian officials will soon have some ‘splaining to do. HMJ has looked at this issue before in a post called “Canada Prepares for Comeuppance.” The fun is just about to start.

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The Face of MMJ in NY

New York state became the newest medical marijuana state recently.  It’s not a great mmj program just now, but it’s a start.  Meet one of the people who brought this change about.  A human face always helps understanding, don’t you think?   [image: Google images "New York"]

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Edibles Getting Harder to Swallow in Colorado

The creation of edibles in Colorado may be getting a bit more challenging.   The state issued draft rules recently that would make it more burdensome to produce edibles with THC content above 10 milligrams. A high-potency candy bar would need to be divided into sections that can be broken off, for instance, and each […]

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South Park Music Festival 2014 [A Look Back]

^ WATCH THE SOUTH PARK FEST HIGHLIGHTS HERE ^ The South Park Music Festival is hands down one of the best festivals I’ve ever been to!  They had a crazy lineup, plenty of comfortable camping options, great vendors, delicious food, the freedom to smoke as you please, and even an Underground Cup for home growers.  What’s […]

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Music Video: Smoke Dza ft. Ab-Soul – Hearses

New York to Cali Connect on this one as Smoke Dza and Ab Soul release the visual for “Hearses”.

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Berkeley, CA Dispensaries Must Give Away Some MMJ

Here’s something new.   Medical marijuana dispensaries in Berkeley, California, must provide some free cannabis to low-income patients, the city council ruled in what appears to be a first for the medical marijuana industry. Under the new regulations, dispensaries must set aside at least 2% of all products, which will be provided at no cost […]

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Cali Town May Fund Cops with MMJ Taxes

Things keep getting stranger.   A desperate, crime-ridden desert town, reeling from a recent brush with bankruptcy, has turned to an unlikely savior to pay for its embattled police force — marijuana. Desert Hot Springs, a city of about 28,000 people in the desert two hours east of Los Angeles, is considering legalizing medical marijuana […]

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Music Video: Hoffa Bee featuring Asi Frio & Frank Deux (Snobs) – The City

The Snobs Asi Frio, Hoffa Bee & Frank Deux all join forces for Hoffa’s latest visual for ‘The City’ from his forthcoming EP The Primary which will be available Monday July 14th. Be on the look out for Asi Frio’s Player 99 and Frank’s 30 and Broke due out later this summer.

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