HMJ Classics: The Great Strains — White Widow

[Originally one installment of a series titled "The Great Strains"]   White Widow appeared and won the Cannabis Cup in 1995. What did you do in 1995? Today the White Widow genes are everywhere, and they should be. White Widow started the “white” lines. How many “white whatevers” can you name? I count over 50 […]

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HMJ FunHouse: What Outer Space Sounds Like

I was taught that, being a vacuum, outer space would have no sound.  That may not be correct.  Take a listen to this.   Very cool. Have some fun this weekend.

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Introducing Mike Cannon & “The Weed News”

The HMJ Staff thinks you might like this.  

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Why Do Oregon Landlords Have Cold Feet?

Here’s an interesting bit in a story about re-legalization arriving in Oregon.  We are being told landlords are hinky on the whole thing.   Entrepreneurs hoping to open retail marijuana shops in Oregon might struggle to find a location if residents legalize cannabis this fall. An informal poll found that roughly a third of local […]

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Check out one of our favorite strains, Big Buddha Cheese from Gorilla Seed Bank. Discreet delivery and free seeds with every order.


Lawsuit Suggests Not Everyone Loves Cannabis (can u imagine?)

Things are going BETTER for the cannabis plant.  Better is not yet GREAT.  Here’s one of those twists.   Combine a Chicago real estate firm with a Colorado restaurant that hosted a private party for a cannabis business and what do you get? A legal mess – and a reminder that the marijuana stigma still […]

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Study says MMJ Has No Impact on Teen Use Rates

Here’s more research on what happens when mmj comes to town.   The passage of state laws legalizing the physician-recommended possession and consumption of cannabis by qualified patients has not led to an increase in adolescents’ use of the plant, according to a working paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research – a […]

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Event Reminder: The 5TH Annual Regga Pon The Mountain Next Weekend!

Hey LA, come to a reggae festival with us!! Reggae pon the mountain is an awesome and prime example of the youth banding together and creating something their community needs. 5 years ago, Topango Canyon youth started the annual summer reggaefestival. We at HMJ are super excited to be part of this musical community this summer! August 16th marks the […]

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Blowback from “Grass Is Not Greener”

As the sun rises on cannabis and sets on fear, the fear mongers will not go quietly.  HMJ believes in keeping one eye on these type of folks, so may we introduce you to “Grass Is Not Greener.”   GrassIsNotGreener.com is an initiative of Smart Approaches to Marijuana (Project SAM), a nonpartisan alliance of lawmakers, […]

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Nurse-Practicioners Can Authorize MMJ in Maine

In Maine nurse-practicioners can now authorize the use of medical marijuana.   Nurse practitioners may legally authorize cannabis therapy, according to new legislation that takes effect this Friday. The legislation, LD 1739, expands the pool of those who can legally advise patients on the use of medicinal marijuana from physicians to ‘medical providers’ – a […]

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8/5/14 Mary Jane Of The Moment

Todays Mary Jane of the Moment comes from @vamps420 who is a longtime #HMJ supporter and a very cute stoner.  Make sure you guys follow her on instagram and let her know we sent you! “Mary Jane Of The Moment” is a feature where I will show you a new cute chick with weed every […]

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