Connecticut MMJ Ready for Lift-off

Medical marijuana on the east coast is about to happen.  Let’s visit Connecticut.   Medical marijuana dispensaries in Connecticut are about to welcome their first customers, even though the businesses won’t have any cannabis available for sale until later this year. Several of the six state-licensed MMJ centers expect to open their doors in the […]

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#WakeAndBake – 8/5/14

Shouts out to @lil_camcam_420 for using #HMJ on his dank shot on instagram. Bowls and GTA 5. Looks like a good day in the making. #WakeAndBake, is back! We want all your most awesome dank shots! Tag it on instagram with #HMJ on instagram, twitter, or email your #WakeAndBake images to Enjoy your flight.

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Moving Day (ft. Venice Cookie Company’s Cannabis Quenchers)

Venice Cookie Company’s Cannabis Quenchers, cannabis infused beverages.   Rating: 5 out of 5 flowers! An ideal edible experience and the best medicated drink I’ve tasted. The amazing flavor matched with the quality of buzz, definitely keeps The Venice Cookie Company firmly atop my favorites list.   Overview: Serving size: 8 oz (227g)Servings: 2 […]

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Hanging with My New Buddies on My First Day of Work

What’s a Colorado Grow Assistant Do On-the-Job?

I finally landed a job that I love in the MMJ industry, so I couldn’t help but give you all a little glimpse into what I do at work.  All dispensary grow rooms are going to be different, and each grow assistant will probably have different tasks to do each day, but here’s what it’s […]

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Check out one of our favorite strains, Big Buddha Cheese from Gorilla Seed Bank. Discreet delivery and free seeds with every order.


No Surge in Cannabis Tourism to Washington, Yet

When Colorado re-legalized there was a distinct bump in tourism.  That has yet to happen in Washington.  Here’s more:   The travel website Hopper analyzed billions of online search queries from consumers looking to book trips. It found that searches for travel to Seattle fell about 2% in the week after the first recreational stores […]

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“Leafly” Runs Full Page Ad In NYTimes

Just a few days ago the New York Times called for an end to cannabis prohibition.  They followed that up with a full page ad from mmj resource “Leafly.”   The New York Times had its first-ever full-page marijuana-related ad run on the heels of its editorial board calling for the drug’s legalization. The ad, […]

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Why Say “Cannabis,” Not “Marijuana”

There is a discussion amongst our brethren about whether we should be saying, “cannabis” or “marijuana.”  The “cannabis” school of thought gets a fair amount of ink, so here’s a short bit from someone on the “marijuana” side.   This writer argues that the industry should embrace the term “marijuana.” With due respect to these […]

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HMJ Classics: The Great Strains — Blueberry

[Originally a post in a series called "The Great Strains"]   Let’s explore one of the great cannabis strains, DJ Short’s “Blueberry.” Whether directly consumed or used as breeding material, Blueberry is a strain that does not disappoint. “The history of the strain takes us back to the West Coast of the United States sometime […]

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HMJ FunHouse: Music Back When Cannabis Was Legal

Before 1937 cannabis was legal in  most parts of the nation (there were a few local ordinances banning herb).  If you knew where to look there was a vibrant cannabis culture populated by pot smokers called “vipers.”  Here’s some of the music from those pre-1937 days.  Enjoy.   You’re a Viper (The Reefer Song) – […]

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4:20 Flick: Cop Tasers Himself

4:20 Flick: Cop Tasers Himself

Dumbass Texan Cop. Everyday at 4:20 pm EST, there will be a new random funny video for you to smoke and laugh at. If you have a funny video that should be a 4:20 Flick, hit me up with it on twitter or send me an email at

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