Epilepsy Foundation Wants Access to Cannabis

As it stands today cannabis is a Schedule I drug — meaning it has no recognized medical value or use.  10,000 years of history suggests otherwise.  Is the world about to remember something it once held as folk wisdom?   The Epilepsy Foundation of America supports patients having the legal option to access whole plant […]

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5 of 15: Kentucky

Our visit to the bluegrass state opens on a hopeful note.   The Kentucky General Assembly made history last week. For the first time ever a bill to legalize marijuana for medical use advanced when, on a nine to five vote, HB 350 cleared the House Health and Welfare Committee. Also last week, the Senate […]

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How to Get the Best Prices at Colorado Medical Dispensaries

No one wants to overpay for their herbal remedy but, with so many different medical dispensaries in Colorado, how do you know which one is the best and which one gives you the best prices?  So, for those of you who are new to Colorado, just moved to a different city in Colorado, or you […]

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4 of 15: Kansas

As we have seen in many states, it is medical marijuana which opens the door to cannabis policy reform.  That’s where the action is taking place in Kansas.   After Sen. David Haley introduced SB 9, a compassionate medical marijuana bill, in 2013, the bill was assigned to the Senate Health and Welfare Committee. While […]

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Cannabis Not Associated with Workplace Accidents

A sparkling facet of the old fashioned reefer madness asserted that cannabis was a leading cause of workplace accidents.  That’s not what the studies say.   Past use of cannabis, as identified by the presence of the inert carboxy THC metabolite on a standard urine test, is not positively associated with workplace accidents, according to […]

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National Black Caucus Favors Federal Decrim

Another significant voice is calling for change in cannabis policy at the federal level.  Here’s what the National Black Caucus of State Legislators has to say:   “Whereas state and local governments could potentially stand to save billions of dollars that they currently spend regulating marijuana use by decriminalizing the recreational use of marijuana, therefore […]

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3 of 15: Idaho

As famously cranky and desirous of being left alone as the good citizens of the great state of Idaho are known to be, I find their attitude towards cannabis contradictory.   When the Idaho Legislature convened this January, there was no sign of sensible reform for the Gem State. In 2011 and 2012, Idaho lawmakers […]

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4:20 Flick: Angry Addition: Everyone Is High On Weed In Colorado

Inside Edition did a story about a smoke spot at a Colorado Ski Resort and riders being high while skiing/snowboarding the slopes.

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smelly isnt it

Seven Things I Hate About Smoking (Marijuana)

I love to smoke marijuana, hence the reason I write for this site. I’m all for decriminalizing it for medical use (and for recreational if you’re responsible and not like, 12 years old) and truly believe it is the key to stimulating our economy and helping build a better nation.

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Legislation Ends Criminal Penalties For Marijuana In The Capital City

Legislation voted 10-1 today, making possessing up to an ounce of marijuana is no longer a criminal charge.

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