12 Places Where It Is Safe To Smoke Weed



Majority of smokers started off smoking in their car or a buddies car because you had nowhere to go to smoke. Paranoia was always a big factor in those days. I used to think every car was a cop or my parents when I was young. As much as I love driving around and smoking, I hate it. The fact that you can be popped at any point just makes me cringe. So I have put together a list of some of the safest places to light up, relax, and not worry about anything besides how high you’re gonna get.


1. Colorado

Sean Azzariti was the first person to buy re-legal marijuana in Colorado. Video and photos of him were all over the web. If you can buy marijuana like that in Colorado, It’s definitely one of safest places to smoke in the U.S.

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2. Washington

Initiative 502 lead to the re-legalization of marijuana in the state of Washington. Although, Washington isn’t as far as Colorado is with marijuana shops. It is still legal within the sate. Seattle does have the biggest Hemp Fest in the U.S.

3. Uruguay

Uruguay is the first country to take action in marijuana legalization. They legalized it country-wide. Then they set the price of a gram at $2.50. I’ve never been to Uruguay but I assume, you get what you paid for. Along with the $2.50 grams, the President of Uruguay is pretty damn cool.

4. 420 Treehouse


The 420 Treehouse is a BYOW bar in Los Angeles. More info here.

5. Amsterdam

Do I need to explain this? You know, I know and we both want to be there. Some of you have and I’m jelaous of you for that.

6. Inside Your Home

Some of the best times are just sitting on the couch or in the garage burning down joints without having to worry about anyone seeing you. You’re also home and can do things like play Call of Duty and watch movies. A stoners paradise.

7. Concert

I have yet to be at a concert where there isn’t at least a little bit of marijuana smoke floating around. I’ve been to rap, rock, and heavy metal concerts. Not one concert was smokeless. It’s great how a concert pulls so many different pot smokers together. What makes it so safe is that there is so many people smoking that the police or security doesn’t do anything. I was at a concert where a security guard came up to my friends and I and said, “Lets go.” I told him I wasn’t going anywhere. I told my friends to do the same knowing he really can’t do anything. But my friends said okay and he took them and not me. Unless a cop walks up to me about smoking at a concert I will not be leaving. But the chances of that happening are slim to none.

8. Marijuana Rally



We’ve all seen the pictures or have been part of a marijuana rally. I was at the Hash Bash last year and there was 100’s of people smoking. I did not see one arrest the whole day. Everyone was calm and I didn’t see any problems like the police walking around. Why isn’t legal yet again?

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9. The Country

When you smoke in the country or mountains, you don’t need to worry about the police. Most cities where there is lots of land have very few police officers. This makes growing and more importantly, smoking nugs.

10. Bonfire

The biggest reason this is so safe is that the scent is so strong. It takes away the smell of weed very easily. It’s always awesome to get high and watch a big fire.

11. On a Boat

Like the country, the boat works the same. Drive out into the middle of the lake and you can do just about anything. Barely anyone is around you. You can smoke out there and no one would ever know it is you.

12. Rooftops

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By the time the cops get up there all of the evidence will be gone. Plus who doesn’t love a view while smoking.


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