12 Ways To Know If You Bought Good Weed or Bad Weed


If you are going to go out and make a purchase of something, it is always good to know as much about it as possible beforehand. That's why you research your car before you buy it or read reviews about products before you purchase them. It is part of being a smart consumer. Buying weed is no different. If you don't know the ground rules of buying good weed and how to spot good or bad weed when you see it, it is going to be a problem for you in the long run. Smart dealers can tell a newbie buyer from a mile away so you will get hit with the "this is superchronicotilite weed" and really it is just some bullshit with a fancy, made up name.

Now to be fair, if you are trying to be economically sound and you would rather have quantity (more bad weed) over quality (less good weed) then be my guest but it is still important to be able to identify good/bad weed when you see it. Here are 12 tips on figuring out whether your weed purchase was a good one or not.

  1. Look for lots of crystals. The more the better. If you can look at your weed closely and see lots of crystals in it, it's a safe bet that you are going to be pretty high soon. Make sure you catch the extra crystals in a 4 chamber grinder.dank1ul8
  2. Shouldn't be too dry. Good weed is not going to be dry or feel like it's been sitting out in the sun for too long. If there is no stickiness or it just crumbles as you break it up, that is probably not a good sign. If it looks like this, you bought some bad shit. Keep your weed from getting dry with glass jars.schwag
  3. Lots of sticks and seeds is never a good sign. A few here and there are to be expected but if you have an excessive amount of sticks and seeds, that is a PROBLEM. Not only for the fact of you having to sort through all them but the fact that you know that the quality of the weed you just purchased isn't the best.
  4. It should be green. Certain other colors are acceptable too but mainly it should be green. You can also find good weed they has hints of purple, orange or red and you can usually bet that it is going to be pretty good. Brown weed is NOT an acceptable color.john_culotta_6th_boro_marijuana
  5. Potency of the smell is a key to figuring out quality. Dank weed smells just like the word says, dank. Sometimes it will be so strong that you can smell it through the bag. You might need to invest in smell proof baggies. Next time you have some weed, take some time to smell it and figure out what exactly good weed smells like. It is hard to describe but if you have bad weed it will usually have a very faint or no smell. Not good.
  6. Shouldn't be too wet. Just like dry weed, if your weed is soggy that is not good. Even if its dank it will affect the way it breaks up and you don't want that, especially in these hard recessionary times. We need to stretch the weed as far as we possibly can.
  7. Really leafy weed is not a good. Usually if you get sold weed that happens to be really leafy, that means that it is just a lot of fluff. It usually won't break down well or be able to really be stretched out at all.
  8. Look for hairs. Those little hairs on the end of your weed are like gold. If there are a lot of them then that is gonna be some great weed. hemp___dank_weed_f_jpg_500x549.shkl
  9. Avoid bullshit dealers. I can't emphasize how important it is to have dealers you can trust. If you have a guy that consistently has good stuff, hold on to him as long as you possibly can (not literally).  Check out this guide on the traits of good dealers if you don't know one when you see one.
  10. It should feel sticky when you break it up. There is a reason why rappers always brag about having that "sticky icky icky." Stickier weed that is harder to break up will always get you way higher than that weed that just crumbles as you break it up. Ack. Can't stand that.
  11. Sometimes there is no way to tell until you smoke it. It's a sad truth but sometimes you will never know whether or not the weed is good until smoke it. I have had weed that I thought was going to be magnificent based on all the tests above and it turned out to be horrible. On the other hand I've had weed that I smoked, expecting for it to have little or no strong affect and it turned out to be GRRRRREAT!!! Sometimes that's just the way it goes. Use a smoking device that is effective.
  12. Experience counts for a lot. The reality is there are going to be times that you buy weed that sucks and times that you buy great weed.  The more and more you buy it, the better you will become at figuring out what is what.  Be patient, pay attention to what you buy and if you are a new weed buyer don't make it obvious or else you will get taken advantage of.

What else did I miss? Please leave comments and let everyone know how you know when you bought good or bad weed.

Author: Lenny

Women. Weed. Weather. @LennyGaiter @hail_mary_jane

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  • ThisBuds4You

    And for the best weed, GROW YOUR OWN!

  • http://www.marijuanatipster.com Mernahuana

    yah grow your own is a good plan. then you'll really know what good marijuana is. but if you have to buy be cautious and examine.

  • http://ohhburn.com stoner_stuff

    good post, dude!

  • VThomegrown

    lots of hairs does not mean good bud. look for trichomes its a much better indicator. if its sticky, stinks, and has no seeds, its gonna be some good bud.

    • Sheriff

      "lots of hairs does not mean good bud. look for trichomes its a much better indicator. if its sticky, stinks, and has no seeds, its gonna be some good bud."

      True, hairs don't always mean good, but man i love finding a seed or 2 out of a gooey bag that i can pop in the dirt.

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  • bigfella

    yeah i used to have trees that LOOKED like straight kush, nearly all orange hairs, but in reality it was just beasters, it was also pretty heavy. examining weed is also CRUCIAL for you first time buyers.

    true story, i had a guy who used to buy from me but i wasn't good one day and he decided to try someone new. the guy told him he had kush for 400 an oz but it was wrapped up in several bags. the guy brought it home and it was LETTUCE, thats not a nickname for schwag, i mean edible LETTUCE.

  • iknowaboutweed

    how bout read a book about it. alot of the ways to "tell if you have good weed" is alot of the ways not to. dryness/wetness is its own thing, wet should mean its fresher(dry it out in a glass jar, you dont want it to mold) dried is cured. the longer you cure it, the more thc it produces (the curing process is supposed to take 3 exrta months but no one does this bc they want to keep the weight an make the money). you cant look at weed with the untrained eye and see if it has lot of crystals on it or not, bc if you zoom in, what you thought was crystals might really just be white hairs like on beasters. hairs dont get you high. hairs dont matter bc they contain no thc. im done now. yall keep on smokin an maintain.

    • ImBaKeD

      damn dude, good shit thats more informative than the article

    • YummiGummiKush

      You say hairs dont matter? for one the hairs are a good indicator of how ripe the buds are. But have you ever taken a 100x digittal microscope to your bud. The hairs do have tricomes on them. They are pistils and the resin is to catch pollen the longer it goes without being pollinated the more and more resin it will try and produce thinking its just not sticky enough. Then in its last effort it will take its final push then you chop it. Hens the word sensimilla . Meaning Without SEEDS. If it is pollinated the resin production all but stops and you end up with sub par weed. Just a little info for future readers.

  • T. H. Grant

    Meet some one in east Oakland…The best weed in the world… Stupid Grapes! Like the stuff in the first picture… Im a veteran!

  • Alvar

    Dank is a terrible way to describe the smell of well produced cannabis. Earthy, Skunky, Fruity, or a combination of all is what you are looking (sniffing) for. Dank is a description of the smell of a basement. Don't buy pot that smells like a basement.

    • http://yahoo.com Alex

      need good weed Please

  • Weed is Good

    All the above recommendations are spot on, I woulkd empasize to my fellow smokers to never buy moist / wet weed. Even if it's from a great strain. The marijuana will irriate you lungs possibly giving you pneumonia.

    My experience. Also always smell your weed. It should have a nice full earthy smell. Many dealers in New Yok have there marijuana shipped in with a formeldeyhyde coating over the rapped up weed bails. So watch out.

    Know your dealer/

  • http://www.bigrecords.ca logik

    I agree with everybody about the smell factor i did want to say that I ended up with some stuff today that dissappointed me at first smell however when i got a good close up look it looked great there is a possibility that over time it lossed its smell due to storage or even the way they cured it i donno? My point is i love the smell of nice kush but further inspecting your buds with an LED Light can tell you alot My bud buster revieled to have plenty of chrystals from that batch. My conclusion is that if its not wet your counts are good not too much leaf and plenty of chrystals and hairs chances are it will "get you through"


  • dylan

    i would never pay 400 an 0z, you stupid ?
    also, if your all eyeing out the facts about buying good weed, why would you later then say that the facts are all pointless, that bad looking weed can get you baked, maybe none of you know what your talking about becasue that is why you came here. i thought i was a dumbass, now i thank all of you for lifting me up. oz 220 tops*

    • Jeff

      Some states dont have the luxury of an big weed market with dispensaries to keep the local dealers honest..(colorado, cali, oregon) so we have to pay 360-400 for an oz(i live in okc).. I bet i could find an oz for 240-300 but it wouldnt be dank..

    • The Gone

      $400 an Oz is not stupid if it's high grade, I used to pay $50 a quarter = $200, but some of the stuff today is at least twice as potent which makes it worth more than twice as much. Grow tech and new strains make today's weed far far better than it used to be. Plus, consider the location… if the cost of living is higher somewhere, as well as demand, prices tend to be higher.

  • StonerChick

    The worst thing I hate is waiting 2 hours for someone to meet you at spot and they bring you a bag of seeds. Not only is that a HUGELY BAD HORRIDLY AWFUL deal, but that makes the dealer look terrible!

    Something you want to look out for if you’re a noobie buyer is not only seeds and stems, but you don’t want shake either. Shake is where your distributor basically sold all of his nuggets and gave you what was in the bottom of the bag. ALWAYS look for nuggets (basically nice big juicy bud!)!

    Keep in mind that price says everything. Like the 400 for an oz thing, seriously…you couldn’t tell that 400 dollars was outrageous? Come on now… if someone is trying to under-sell or over-sell they are more than likely trying to rip you off…

    Some dealers are straight, but some are just crooks! Use your head! :P

    I don’t know if this will work or not, but this idea just popped into my head… I’ve read on another site that trying a bit of the bud before you actually make a purchase works…however, some dealers are stingy and don’t like to give out tastes for free. But…maybe if you try to buy a bowl-pack or a dime bag at least you can get a taste for less, usually like 5-10 dollars. If it’s good, buy it up…if it’s shit, leave it alone!

    And ya know, I like the statement that sometimes it really does take smoking it to know where it’s good or not. I’ve always known that ‘brown’ weed is shit, but my stoner buddy Jake actually brought some over one time that was good! Shocked the shit outta me! I was impressed :D

    • nOSmoKe4u!

      The only potential problem with your method is the fact that you increase the over all risk inherent with post 9/11 weed buying by getting high on the job.

      Cops crack down harder, dealers are under more pressure, alot more crooks and scumbags posing as dealers, etc., its unwise for a newbie ( to whom I assume this thread is addressing) to be getting high and losing his senses out on the streets where he is at constant risk of arrest, imprisonment, robbery and rape and all other sorts of vile and terrible things.

      Unless your just a natural risk taker, its wise NOT to smoke weed WHILE you are buying weed if you are going to have to drive home after. Great method though if you have a dealer that delivers or that you know and trust and can chill with till your straight.

  • cisco

    i have a question bout some stuff i gots growin in da back haha….so im sort of a newbuie to growin ive smoke before tho but today wen i went to check on my plants by what im reading my plants shud be freakin awesome i mean i grabed one of the buds on it and broke it off it was really sticky and just smelling it made ma eyes droop and my pupils get all dialated haha i just dont now if its time to cut the nugs of and dry em or what?

  • loub

    my dealer sucks he fuckin rips me off every single time cause he knows i cant tell

    • 420

      Every time? If he rips you off, why the hell do you keep going back to him? hah

    • Jose…C

      You sir, are a dumbass ahahahah. shit try to find another dealer

  • ha


    Some people only have dealer, and it can be kinda ackward to bring up the fact that they’re ripping you off especially if they are big and strong lol and ur fuckin 15


    I have a silly question i think, But another person & I have two different opinions on what the difference of press weed & fluff weed is! Im needing to know if press weed is a type of weed that can be grown, or purchased as a seed to b grown, or is it only because it is compressed? kinda silly question, But we need an answer to decide who wone our WAGER! THANKS!!

  • Marijuana I <3 U!

    i cant wait till this weekend im buyin 3 ounces and then goin on a road trip to miami. its gone be a good time. thanks for the tips.

  • Nuffer

    haha i just got some terrible weed. and it sucks because it was pricy and from a friend

  • http://yahoo.com Mark B

    @SHANE- Dude It’s not press weed you’re looking for “Dense” weed that means weighs more and while smoking it will burn longer.It looks like you get less bud if it is super dense you could be surprised on how dense weed can be. Fluffy weed is basically the opposite of what I just said about dense weed some people get ripped off when you comes to Fluffy buds because they don’t know what they are doing when it comes to buying weed yet.

  • Jay

    you should always remember before all rules stated that if the ASH IS BLACK or sticks to the joint, 100% sure you are doing harm to your body and smoking chemical infused cannibis. This should be the major rule as looks are decieving. NO CHINA!!!

  • Emmy

    I have a *fantastic* dealer who just gave me some consolation weed after a breakup. Holyshitawesome–smells really distinct (through a ziplock baggie inside a cardboard box) sticky bud, glistens a lot, no seeds… I rolled a slim joint and took one puff and had the best self-love session of my *life*. I just want to know what this shit is so I can find it again when I'm with a guy.

    • henrikcornelius

      did ya find out? im a guy.. lol

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  • sirstonesalot

    sooooooo, im just putting this out there…i have had bud that has been super dank, crystals would explode off when you cracked it cause there was were many, and it was dry and not really sticky because it was dry

  • John smith

    I bought this swag it smell weed. I keep on smell it again It kinda smell like grass. But thing is I smoke it. It taste good two bow I was high as fuck. I am new of buying weed. I have asks my sister in law. She sated if it swag it sucks. Iam fuck.

  • John smith

    Now I know why people say swag sucks. Because smoking swag get 30 min high wtf is that it.

  • carla


  • Stonerboi91

    excellent bro!

  • noneofurbussness

    i have some bud that is bomb af but it has seeds in it i foud like 15 seeds in an ounce is that bad?

    ps: the seeds all have tigger strips and wont crack

  • guest

    15 in an ounce? thats not bad. i bought 4 gs last week and it had like 6 seeds, so you got a pretty good deal

  • krystal

    Badass!!!you did that boy!!!!Loveddd itt ^_^

  • http://getweedout.blogspot.com/2011/06/how-long-does-weed-stay-in-your-system.html how long does marijuana stay in your system

    How to get THC out faster(not a way to fool your drug test)- Well I’ve been trying to figure out good ways to help clean out your system fast because as we all know THC takes too damn long on its own.

    • YummiGummiKush

      ive had it out of me in 1 week after 3 years of heavy smoke. Its all in your body mass index, I weigh 190 and not to brag but i am ripped. Point being if you have a low percent of body fat then 2 weeks tops with plenty of fluids like tea. With a higher bmi of like 25 and up your lookin at a month or more. It is stored in the fatty deposits through out your body. Also our livers. Some say our livers actually produce canbidols. Weird. EXERCISE is the best way unless you chemicaly mask it but most tests can pick up a false negative and make you come back 3 hours later.

  • u no

    Need a new dealer n e takers

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  • Michael

    I bought an ounce of shit weed, fml.

  • stanky lanky

    ihave one question. i bought some mid, and its in a paper, but hard and sticky tho. i had it in my shoe to avoid getting cought. is it bad that its sticky? and it is it bad that i smoke out of a beer can or soda can?

  • mikey

    all ibuy is mid, cuz im a cheap ass some times. but its kinda dark green, and its sticky, dont know about seeds yet cuz havent looked through it, but is it bad that i smoke out of a can? and how can i hide it from my parents an avoid getting drug tests? i love my weed

  • danicaliforniaa

    my dealer is amazing, always good, never cheats me, a bit pricey, but i've never gotten anything less that great from him. i guess it helps i'm hooking up with him time to time (;

  • chazz

    usually one way a person should tell the difference between good and bad is the smell and the high.

    The smell should not smell like mint/cat pee/windex cleaner even if it is faint smell at all, even if you feel sick after smelling that is a important sign. One way to check is after a week in storage you will be able to smell it and if it smells nasty like what i mentioned above and not what it smelled like on day one before you got ripped off like i did.

    Normally good weed will lose some of its smell but it will still smell as good as the day you got it and smell flavorful like a flower. In translation if the scent smells great and does not smell faint then you bought some good stuff.

    The huge difference between good and bad weed on a high.

    A bad high will result in having in one or a few symptoms once smoked panic attack or paranoia,headaches, soreness,derealization, depression, chest hurting etc. Keep in mind i have had some bad weed before so i know what i am talking about. It is only temporary for 1 to 2 weeks if it was bad.

    Good weed makes you feel calm down to earth,laugh at things, enhances what you see and feel, more social, makes you happy,music feels way more powerful and also can make boring things seem fun.

    One last detail i would add about dealers. Is that if they try to act cool and lie by saying they have the exact same interests you do all the time and does not want marijuana legalized. Also if the dealer makes you feel bad about there life when they have no problems that should be the sign your dealer,caregiver is a constant greedy,liar and wants your money and does not care about the quality of the weed they sale you.

    • Crop

      You describing indica vs sativa effects, I personally like sativa.

      • no

        he cant handle sativa ha!

  • clive from canada

    if you want good weed go to canada period

  • A_realist

    ….. I'm going to be honest with you guys but I hated reading this blog. It's informative but the author comes off to me like he's a snobby asshole. Weed's hard to get especially in illegal states like Alabama around here, your lucky to have something higher then a regular grade. You find better stuff in the bigger cities but there usually very shady people who sell it and all you got to do is piss them off and well rest is history. So please "unacceptable" is a bad word. I just like getting high even if it does take about 6 hits to do it.

  • Steven

    Just make sure you are'nt paying more then $10 a gram for lower weed and you'll be alright that's what I say. But if you are tell your dealer fuck you and get another one or well take those seeds from that weed and grow it yourself because that's still better then getting ripped off.

  • ericweed

    Thanks for sharing…… medicinal cannabis dispensaries

  • ericweed

    A must read articles for cannabis users……..Medical Marijuana California

  • eric weed

    Thanks for sharing.A must read article for cannabis patients….Medical Marijuana California

  • John

    I almost 100% completely disagree with these "tips."

    I started smoking in the 70's all the way till the early 90's. The cannabis we had back them was OUTSTANDING compared to the garbage today. All the strains we were smoking were 100% pure landrace Sativa's. Grown under the sun, in natural conditions in their origin habitat. The high was incredible! It would induce FITS of laughter, EXTREME munchies, would uplift you, inspire you and make you happy as a clam! Most of the strains were just brown leaves with tons of seeds in them. We didn't give a shit about the appearance, taste, smell, texture, stickiness or any of that useless crap. It was the quality of the buzz that were the real goods.

    Today's strains are almost the complete opposite. The highs are lame. They make you tired, lethargic, anti-social and zombie like. Maybe it's because there aren't any more landrace Sativa's around anymore. All these current "pro" breeders are growing fast flowering/high yielding Indica Hybrids which get you completely stoned but it's not a fun stone. It puts you down. And gives many people anxiety and panic attacks.

    There is a difference between getting stoned and getting truly high. I'm honestly telling you the truth here. I would still smoke to this day if the high was like how it use to be.

    Now I'll probably get tons of flack from current young smokers telling me I don't know what I'm talking about. That "everything is more fun when your young," that the strains today have way more THC and are stronger than old-school weed.

    This stuff could very well be true. The strains of today are probably way more potent and stronger then the ol' stuff. But hey….it's not longer a fun high so who cares if it's stronger or higher THC.

    I remember when I was 44 smoking the last of the good stuff I ever had. I smoked a joint with 5 people and we got ripped!!!! We sat in a circle and just laughed almost completely straight for 2 full hours! No joke. The weed back in the day was an "instant good time." Gave you confidence, energy and a bone deep positive outlook on life.

    I know it's the strains of today that are bad. It's not that I'm older or my tolerance is high. If that was the case, why don't I see any young smokers laughing their asses off, raiding the kitchen and cleaning out every cupboard or even smiling?

    I go to Hempfest every year in Seattle and it's a complete joke! There are thousands of people there. Everyone is stoned. But out of those thousands I maybe see one or two people that truly look like their enjoying themselves. Everyone else is just walking around like zonked out zombies. Introverted, awkward, and quite. Nobody is on the ground rolling around laughing. It's really sad.

    The cocaine in the 70's-80's was more pure and better than today's stuff. The LSD back then was more pure and better than today's stuff. Opium was more pure and better than today's stuff. Believe me when I tell you…the cannabis we had back then was way better as well.

    • milena

      all the effects you describe are effects I experience when I smoke maybe you built a tolerance after smoking pot for 20+ years

    • Mo up

      So true John I agree I feel noid wen I smoke weed like the whole worlds out to get me even my friends

      • S

        Maybe bc predisposition to “mental illness”?

    • Ginger

      Not completely true, with the hybrid strains we get today you never know what the high will be like, sometimes its shapeless, sometimes it psychedelic. Weed has evolved with the times.

    • bongojongo

      or maybe you were in the peak of your life lol

    • Jeff Lachance

      People always try to sell this bullshit but alas its scientifically proven fact that today’s weed is much much more potent than that of the 60s-80s… thanks to modern technology we can also get the much more potent weed in about half the time!!!

    • Corey

      I feel there’s more to it than on the surface. For example, I can’t be certain it’s the new strains, or the new young culture.

    • dima

      i was honestly laughing at this article. because phones back then were better compared to this garbage, i mean who doesn’t love corded phones you can wrap yourself in when getting into a very entertaining conversation?

    • kongobongo

      ok im only a young smoker and i actually found a natural plant and it was great compared to the hydro stuff i got.

      • Joshua Keys

        Where did you find this natural stuff

    • Urmom

      I smoke this stuff called lemondrop and it makes me laugh like crazy. My friends say I’m uncontrollable when I’m on it

  • Kayi Dafaki

    Well here’s some tips 1. If you go to buy weed ALWAYS make sure that you have a scale if your buying large quiltys 2. NEVER ACCEPT THE WEED IN WHITE BAGS. That means they are trying to hide something so check the baggies and look at the stuff if you r in crowded areas then tell them hold on on the deal and go to a private area brake it down and check it out if its what dude above explaned about the bads don’t take it and don’t believe anything they say cause they were trying to hide it with the white baggie.

  • SlingerMarshall

    This was very useful.
    nuff said.

  • Donsechler

    John ^^^^^

    I wasent alive in the 70s but al your saying is true… and its a real downer :( we should bring back the old stuff…

  • Cracker

    John you are 100% retarded. Smoke some Goo, get your weight up, or keep smoking your poopy brown dirt weed. You do realize that there's still lot's of Sativas right?

    Since you're talking about doing Coke, Opium, and LSD I can tell that you don't really care about cannabis and just want to get high. Sad.



  • Noobieeeee

    Can weed be bad even if it smells REALLY potent?

  • Big G

    John, weed in your day had 7-10 percent THC, weed today can go up in the uppers 20s to 30 percent THC. I get stoned off my ass and go out with friends and have a fucking blast. Different strokes for different folks.

  • Alwaysgettinggood

    Johns an idiot.. haha we be getting some daaaank ass bud. turing that shit into some crazyyyyy BHO. GET ON MY LVL.

    *Im on a all dab diet.*

  • Ace

    John you must be smoking bad weed or something because me and my friends have hella fun when we’re high. The amount of fun you have while high doesnt depend on the weed you smoke it depends on the person. I smoke weed to have fun, so I always enjoy myself when high. And I also get the munchies and I talk my ass off. So idk what you’re talking about

    • chris

      I love to git hi have sex to

  • betz420

    actually the highest ive ever been was on some decent regular weed! ive been smokin for 8 years now and smoked strain after strain of potent bud but ive never reached the point of nirvana that, that regular weed took me too. it was weird.. but then again i had wayy less of a tolerance back then

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  • canwesmokeyet?

    I’m smoking white widdow right now.

  • skillzmtc313

    Get a 30x power or higher magnifying glass and first check for bud rot and mold if thats not present then check for dead bugs… If those two are not present then continue to check for the heads of the trichomes to be atleast milky or amber…. If the trichomes look like see through glass they are not mature and the effect will hit u fast but the high also leaves quickly…. If the trichomes are nice and milky white or amber orange or red then you are in business… Also weed should never be completely dry… It should have a tackiness to it a nice twang to the smell and it should be dense….Over cured or improperly stored pot destroys the essential oils and trichomes that you pay for…. I guess if u pay for a bunch of plant material then just go buy somebodys leftovers from their vaporizer…

    • Dezert

      That is what I get, dried up bullcr-p! I want good weed. I have to quit smoking because where I live the dealers suk and they never get good stuff, Help me… how do I go about looking for trees?

      • Michele From Ohio

        You have to go farmer, my friend. Don’t smell, don’t sell and don’t tell and you will be fine. An acquaintance of mine says it’s a fun hobby.

  • scott

    cali cush good or bad?????

    • http://www.facebook.com/RJ.Deol Rj Deol

      the best…

  • BarbadianHerbalist

    Ah but all the Jamaican weed (Jam) ive ever had is brown in colour. The dank jam is a heavy dark brown. Just pointing there is an exception if its not green depending on where you are in the world.

  • Dezert

    i live in Brooklyn NY. And I can not get good bud for anything. I do not want to stop smoking weed, but i am spending too much on garbage…its going to make have to quit. I live in a small studio so growing my own is out of the question. How can I find a good dealer… DezertEase@aol.com Let me know how I can get some good stuff.

  • Jack Flash

    I’ve smoke the brightest florescent red weed, with hardly any green what so ever on the plant, with pink stems, huge mushroom trichromes standing all over like a sponge, of bubbles on top bubbles. This was back in 2003!!! I have NEVER seen any weed on any website or obtained from any marijuana dispensary, even in Cali, that has anything that even compares to the look taste or high. This Romulan plant was by far some of the best weed on earth of far superior genetics. It pisses me off that I can’t even find a similar online picture to give you all the in depth detail of good it really was. My friend grew it in a trailer from clones he got in Alabama.

    • Michele From Ohio

      Romulan is a clone only strain. You can get crossed Romulan strain seeds from most seed banks. Google is your friend.

    • stickyhashkush

      This ?

      • Melissa

        i want some.

      • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg6m2e3H7I_jgxf39QtQMNg BMO

        P Tripple P – Pink Puff Puff Pass
        I want sum.

  • jack

    I’m smoking shit weed right now :(

    • Kiera

      me too! But my Guy warned me.

      • Bobby Collins

        what people on the interweb not “ball’n out”…same here its crap

    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg6m2e3H7I_jgxf39QtQMNg BMO

      Me too :/

  • Jajakadigg@yahoo.com

    Good shit

  • http://www.facebook.com/RJ.Deol Rj Deol

    let your dealer know he’s selling you garbage.

  • deivis

    Thanks who posted this info rlly helped

  • jman27

    ive been smoking for quit some time now and recently got a bag and at a very cheap price i thought oh well ill smoke a bunch and itll be fine for now,so i broke up enough for a good sized doobie, it was dry had a little smell to it, so i smoked the whole j roach to i thought to myself this shit blows until about 10 min later this shit crept up on me and had me insanely high, im talkin body buzz from hell, laughing my ass off and had the munchies like crazy not to mention my mouth was so dry i couldnt spit to save my life, the shit had ridicules staying power to, best 25 dollar bag of ditch weed id ever bought.

    • blue dream

      Keep in mind that everyone is different, your body chemistry with smoking some good stuff can differ with certain individuals.

  • dickenhoffski

    Simple. .buy a small sample and smoke it. If it sucks you’re not out much. If it rules..pony up.

  • nata

    i gotz good shit haha but its pretty much just leaves im blown

  • Dan

    I usually get potent kush on the regular but the last batch was very dark green, crystally if that’s even a word and had a slight lavender smell to it..i went with it, smoked it and it was intense..i had been deceived

  • Ricky Ableidinger


  • Brendalee

    I just want the

    Lebanese and Arabic people know that “I miss your hash”! You were the number one makers!

  • Brendalee

    Yes this I know is true Big G.
    Also if people get “paranoid’ it’s a part of your “fear’ based societal thinking. Just allow your body to float and accept where you are. After you go through that a couple times you will begin to learn how to control your thoughts so they don’t play tricks with your mind. (a common phenomena in todays “asleep” society.)

  • bp

    Actually hairs on the bud mean jack squat it just means it was grown for too long and stopped producing crystals, hair = neither good or bad just wastes space and possibly makes the bud weigh more which in turn would actually be bad.

  • Bobby

    Good article

  • Brandon W Carter

    A good chunk of this information is flat out wrong. Spend some time in a medical state and see what it looks like from the dispensaries. Weed CAN be brown and still be delicious and also medicating… Red hairs don’t always mean it’s good (they’re for collecting pollen to fertilize the female plant) they contain trace amounts of CBD, CBN, THC and the other compounds that affect our brains. They can often mean that the plants were grown with poor nutrition or in a CO2 rich environment but they can also be a trait of the strain.. Dry weed doesn’t instantly mean bad weed. MUCH of the bud sold in the dispensaries is cured to the point that if you break it up by finger it will bust between your fingers, or after a small amount of pressure is applied. It’s often sticky, but it’s not unheard of at all to have a batch that’s not sticky and when cured feels dry to the touch.

  • BOZE

    In some rare cases, when buds are grown cured and pruned right -some of the buds may actually have three times the THC than regular outdoor weeds. But that doesn’t explain why good bud is now considered to be designer strains..

    For the most part, the average buds we see are prettier and taste better because it’s not bricked up and packed in oil to get across the border…. .. This is not always true – the old regular good bud like we saw In the 70’s is making a comeback as dro or korn. You could get a LID of The Very High Quality Kona Bud grown in the perfect tropical conditions of Hawaii.

    $100 dollars for ounces of Kona Gold back in the Mid 70’s – mind you this is when the higher quality actually first hit the market and some of the best cannabis of the 70s along with the Thai Sticks and Christmas Buds. Colombian Red Hair, Maui Wowie, Acapulco Gold, these were all as good as anything today.

    The new “popcorn” and “Kush” are not a new species of weed, we see now is not any better than these old die hard original true OG strains.

    In the 70’s you could get a “lid” or basically a large bag of bud that was about an ounce, 28 grams. You had no need to weigh it, you didn’t need scales – good bud was plentiful and sold for $10 a zip, Yet we pay $20 a gram now – some are getting $400 a zip now and today’s bud is shamefully getting worse as prices continue to rise.

    Today’s strains are diluted mutants with modified growth cycles to yield more quantity in half the time and delivered in half the time. So why does it cost so much more now? Prices should be lower now than ever….

    Now not only are the new classifications of buds over rated – they are not even any stronger today that back in the 70’s when they started growing sensimilla indoors and you could actually get real hydroponically grown organic premiums. Most of what you kids see today are simply imitations. You don’t see real DRO much, and the Outdoor varieties just aren’t close to the quality suggested. People have been brain washed. Most of what I see today is not half as good as what I grew up on, or even what my parents grew up with.

    When you are paying $100 a quarter or more, your actually paying TEN TIMES more than you paid 10 years ago. That’s 40 TIMES more expensive than it was 20 years ago. You could get ten ounces (280 grams) for the price of a single 7 gram sack today .Higher than GAS inflation.

    Where did Marry go? I hope she makes it back home sooon….

  • Jason

    John your dumb. My step dad had been smoking like you say you have and if i bring that good to his place he gets too high and its cause of the great weed. The percentage has went up so much from when you started smoking. I can get bud that makes me fall asleep to bud that makes me want to go sky diving. Theres so many different kinds of weed and different highs its impossible to keep up with.

  • alex

    You smoking that reggie miller Go kill yourself

  • Puffy taffy

    What’s kind of weed is this

  • Puffy taffy

    What kind of weed is this?

  • เอกสิทธิ์ พาณิชย์คีรีวรรณ

    I want you all try smoke thai weed with bamboo bong…. :)

  • TJ88

    The talk i hear about different strains affecting the quality of the high is the reason I gave up on the weed. You never know what you’re getting and where it came from. Even in the 70’s and 80’s when it was all natural. I like to think that weed is like wine. The quality depended on the region it came from and what kind of season they had based on the weather. This combination of region and weather was what determined how good of a high you would get. Once you experience the perfect high, you keep chasing it until you find it again and often is few and far between. The other factor has to do with a person’s body chemistry. Some people experience different highs and lows on the same batch. As with any drug, a person can experience different effects, good or bad. That is why most states make it a law to have drugs prescribed under the watch of a licensed physician.



  • MzDoobz

    I live in cali. So it’s all good in the neighborhood.

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      That looks sick af

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      So do I I seen pictures of your buds and me and my fiance would like to get some email@hernandezmelissa716@yahoo.com

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    So does this look like high quality weed?

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    I am smoking some GASSs now,lol

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    My dealers nickname is K2. hmmm…