10 Awesome Looking Homemade Bongs


As any smoker knows, sometimes times get hard. Sometimes you can’t afford to just buy unlimited dutches for your smoking needs. The prices for dutches are going up as it is so what is a daily smoker to do to get by?

Get creative and make your own bong. That’s what.

Making a homemade bong takes some level of craftmanship and the determination to smoke that only a regular toker could have. Check out some pics of the finest looking bongs that I could get pictures of.


Bet this one would be smooth.


Counterstrike in the background.  Spent many a high night as a teenager playing that.


Bamboo is really strong wood.


Looks like they made this one in 8th grade science class.


Shout outs to my man Josh on this one.  This is a gravity bong.  It may not look like much but it hits hella hard.


What are the ice cubes for?


The bong looks great, the weed looks better though.


A system that doubles as a bong? It doesn’t get much better than that.


This would be perfect for killing those roaches.

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Author: Lenny

Women. Weed. Weather. @LennyGaiter @hail_mary_jane

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  • i bet the pineapple 1 is tasty! i like the ones that incorporate ice because it would cool down the smoke 🙂 great post keep it up

    • smilee101

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  • B0ng w@ter

    an xbox you can smoke outta 😯 should be sold commercially …… but then nothing would ever get done

    • Flower

      awesome idea…but the person prolly had a broke xbox layin around…it's highly doubtful that it still works…but that would b totally sweet!

  • That's not a bad idea. One that smokes and plays… That would sell out quick as hell.

  • Smokey McPot

    Why is the PHX Triple Perc on the list of homemade bongs? I have one, def over $600, not homemade.

    • guest

      It's a double perc PHX with a splash gaurd, thats not a third perc. So if you have one, whatever smoke shop you went to lied to you, and ripped you off, good going. Also anywhere over $250 for that is a waste of money and a completely dumb ass idea, thus proving you even more retarded then previously stated.

  • supermail

    bamboo is actually a grass.

    • justin

      smoke grass with…. grass?? i can dig that 🙂

  • timeishigh

    http://www.timeishigh.com I want a pineapple….

  • Smokeygurl Mcgee!

    I made a bong out of a pineapple, apple, watermelon, potato, and an onion! hahaha I like to be creative! My favorite was the pineapple, the onion gave me onion breath! lol But hey at least I can say I've smoked out of an onion! Hahaha

  • smokeymcpot

    onion x) thts the radest thing ive ever heard!? aha ive smoked outa a cucumber b4 tho it tasted alright but apples are the best i think x)
    but smokey gurl u go cuz smokin outa an onion is a pretty brave move tht i wud have never takin xD

  • Duckhole

    baby carrots= good temporary hitter

  • Wow pretty cool lol never would of thought of that. You can check our site out at http://www.coolheadshop.com and blog at http://www.coolheadshop.com/wordpress we need bloggers 🙂 or editors! Love this hailmaryjane very cool place to hang!

  • noob

    My roomie and I made a pina colada bong out of a pineapple, but with coconut milk instead of water. It was kind of messy, but tasted awesome.

  • joe

    haha the first one doesn't look homeade..

    ilike the xbox one too =)

    ceo @ head-shop-online.com

  • nelly D

    for the price of a few pieces of fruit or veggies you can get some glass or rolling papers. food is meant to be eaten not used as smoking devices.

  • taco

    dont knock it till you try it nelly d

  • KindaI

    "What are the ice cubes for?"
    Are you serious?

  • Guest

    No offense bro, but you really dont know what the ice cubes are for?

    *sigh. The more you cool down the smoke, the smoother it is and the longer oyu can hold it. this ones cool cause the smoke has to pass over the cubes, plus when they melt, they drip down to make the water cooler too.

    • AUSSIE N80

      yes it s for tose reasons to bu its the same as engines u can fit more cold air in ya lungs than hot air so another reason y

  • *me*

    I’m high right now. I lost my pipe yesterday, so I had to fashion a bowl out of aluminum foil….but now I’m looking around my room trying to find something cool to use. 🙂 Maybe an empty handle of Jim Beam? hmmmm

  • Rob

    Bamboo is technically a member of the grass family so What you meant to say was "Bamboo is a strong GRASS"

  • Justin

    I made probably the shittiest bong ever yesterday, but it works. Made out of a pen, duct tape, aluminum foil, a straw, and a water bottle. I called it the “Fuck and Suck”

  • ashh

    Me and my buddy Djay made one yesterday out of, a Gatorade bottle, half a coke bottle(Bigone), Tenis ball holder, ass load of this sick ass rasta colored tape haha, and aluminum foil for the slider, it ripped like a bitch we named it "Jack the Ripper" haha yea

  • MMM Ganja

    Me and my friends made a applre bong and a can bong 😀

  • MMM Ganja

    apple 🙂

  • Mattykins

    The Ice in that one picture is to keep the rim cool, when your high and your stupid enough to smoke some more, its a really nice feeling when you put ur mouth on it. 🙂

    • Gayboy1000

      kinda like wiener.

  • the samman

    i just made a bong out of a darth vader slurpie cup plus the darth vader head, yea, a darth vader bong, who else has that, i do

  • smashed brit

    dude there were nay big lizards wiv cavemen innit, they woz years before us or summat

  • Biker trash

    I love makein crazy bongs! My bud saw some i made outta liquer bottles and other shit and now people PAY me to make them! lol

  • ShottyTime

    whaaaaaat? Ice cubes? Surely every stoner knows what the ice cubes are for, Man. It cools your hit down so you can get it all in your lungs and keep it there for some time.. it's a good way to power stone – I also like to add a little thimble of mouthwash to my bong water for that minty kick!!o.0

  • stoner63

    shit, i make mine out of just a vitamin water bottle, a pen, and a 9mm wrench piece. What I do is burn two holes, one to stick my stem through, other to hold my finger over for easy clearing. i use electrical tape and tape the piece to the pen and put a "screen" in the piece. i fill it with a little soda or water and it has never failed me, always easy and practical to make

  • Bailey

    i have to make a new bong everyday…its kinda hard for a 14 year old girl to get one annd hide it from my parents

  • rhysgreen

    the ice is to get a smoother hit

  • Hemperor_Green

    I need to go find some bamboo haha. The waterbong is by far my favorite though. Gotta love those epic hits from em!

  • Bongdiggity

    I made one with a half full mtn dew bottle deliciouso

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  • ozzismo

    I made a bong today just out of pure boredom and had some nice bud to smoke. I used a galliano bottle (liquour). I didnt have anything to cut the thick glass with so i just busted the neck off it on concrete and slipped a plastic jar over the top, added hoses and it works perfect, super air tight.

    -The ice is used to cool the smoke, I wouldn’t suggest it as its super bad for your lungs.

  • Venus Blue

    I wanna know how to make this!!

  • Venus Blue


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