10 Ways To Get Rid Of The Smell Of Weed Smoke

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10 Ways To Get Rid Of The Smell Of Weed Smoke

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Marijuana smells but stoners love smoking weed in all the wrong places. Nowadays the smell of weed is accepted a lot more. I personally don’t try to smoke in areas of high traffic of non smokers. But when I do, I always get away with it. That’s why I’ve gotten good at how to hide the smell of weed. If I do, I try to use some of these methods of how to get rid of weed smell. Does anyone else have any other ideas to keep your weed smoke stealthy.

1. Toilet Paper Roll Trick

Easy to make and consists of household products. Below are simple instructions if you’re too stoned to figure it out. I’ve used this method many times and have yet to see it fail. I recommend using a bowl or pipe with this trick.
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While looking for pictures of this. I stumbled upon an old video of a funny kid explaining and showing how this works. This kids persona had me laughing throughout the whole video.

2. Vape Pens

The inventions of vape pens have taken away the smoke and smell. Vaping weed does smell still, it just disappears quicker. The new pens with clear in them have little scent.
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3. Smoke Near A Fireplace

If you’re house has a wood burning fireplace then you’re good. Start a fire and smoke next to it and people will never smell the ganja smoke. Perfect for winter time tokes.

4. Vacuum

I cannot vouch for this method at all. Just think like the stoner skateboarder from Friday After Next and you’ll be fine. Craig knew this wasn’t working at all. Has anyone ever tried this before? You can watch the full scene here.

5. Spray

The most obvious and common thing people do to get rid of the smell of weed smoke. By far the best method to use to get weed smell out of your car. This means all types of sprays. Febreze, ozium, green air cleaner or any type like those do the trick. I don’t recommend cologne. It only seems mask the smell for a very short period.

6. Cigarette Smoke

If you’re out in public try to sneak some hits in by cigarette smokers. The smell of cigarette smoke kills just about all other smells. Which, in this case, is a good thing. I used to do this back when I only smoked weed. I would use my one hitter when my friends would go out to smoke cigarettes.
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I know most marijuana smokers hate cigarettes. But this about your safety to get rid of the smell of weed smoke.

7. Smoke In A Freezer

I wanted to get the part in Waiting where T-Dog & Nick (Andy Milinoskis) smoke in the freezer. I think they were doing whip its though. Whatever they were doing, smoking in a walk in freezer is so stealth. It is so cold that you can;’t smell a thing including weed smoke. I’ve tried this one time for shits and giggles.

I worked at a restaurant much like the one in Waiting. Weed was no big deal. Everybody smoked or could careless about people smoking. I decided to take a hit out of my one hitter while in the freezer. You’re already producing steam because of how warm your breath is. So, seeing some smoke isn’t going to look too out of the ordinary if someone were to walk in. Even if they did, they won’t be able to smell it. Below is the wrong way to smoke in a freezer.
smoke freeze
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8. Window Method

This might be more obvious than the spray. But if done wrong, all the smoke will end up back in your room. If you follow these simple steps, you have nothing to worry about. Well, besides getting caught. If you’re using this method, you’re parents/roommates clearly aren’t cool with herb smoke lingering. I’ve used this method while family is home and never had a problem.
A. Use a bowl or one hitter. Bongs and joint make too much excess smoke that isn’t going into your lungs.
B. Crack your window. Do not open it all the way. If you blow smoke out of the window like that, a lot will just come right back into your room. See below as to how far, at most, the window should be opened.
C. Take a big but small enough to not cough type of hit.
D. Get close to the window that’s cracked. Slowly blow the smoke out of the window. Watch as the smoke travels away.

9. Detergent Trick

The HMJ staff does not condone this trick. I saw this idea on /r/trees. It looks like it would work just like the toilet paper roll trick. It also looks like it could go terrible wrong and annoying to setup.
detergent trick weed
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10. Don’t Smoke

If none of these ways will work for you then I think you shouldn’t smoke. I’m kidding, go find a way to get high.


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