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The 10 Best Ways To Smoke Your Weed

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What is your favorite way to smoke your weed? That is the question.

There are many ways to enjoy weed without even having to smoke it but for today we are going to focus on the act of smoking. Here are the 10 best ways to smoke that buddha.

Update: 10 New Ways To Smoke Your Marijuana We made another list that was more up to date with the times.


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Advantages: Easy to roll, doesn’t use too much weed, isn’t as harsh as a blunt, this is how you’re parents smoked

Tweeds and Raw Papers are HMJ’s favorites but there are plenty of other paper companies here. Don’t forget to add filters in your joints.

Disadvantages: Burns fast, canoeing happens pretty often, not good for large cyphers


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Advantages: Perfect for largers groups, burn slowly, can hold more weed than joints

Are blunts dying out?

Disadvantages: Blunt paper is made from tobacco, can be harsh depending on who twists it and which wrap they use

Pinch Hitter/One Hitter

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Advantages: Convenient, fairly discreet, good for quick highs when in public

I suggest investing in a one-hitter here. Especially if you need to smoke stealthy.

Disadvantages: Can only hold a small amount of weed, enough for one hit

Glass Pipe or Bubbler

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Advantages: Great for small groups, quick and easy to use

Grab a low-priced pipe here.

Disadvantages: Easy to break, unless everyone is packing the bowl I wouldn’t recommend for large groups

Plastic or Acrylic Bong

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Advantages: Will not break easily, no rolling required (just load, spark, inhale, and enjoy.)

Disadvantages: You end up using more weed faster, plastic or acrylic bongs are much more dangerous to your health than glass ones

Glass Bong

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Advantages: king of all bongs, smooth hits (especially when you add ice)

Disadvantages: Can be cumbersome, uses more weed than a blunt for larger groups


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Advantages: Multiple people can smoke at once

Disadvantages: Not good with groups, it takes more to get the whole group high

Homemade Bong/Pipe one time use (Apple, beer can, etc)

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Advantages: Generally not that hard to make, good for if no one has a wrap or a real bong

Disadvantages: Only works one time. You don’t want to save your apple bong for days or weeks and then try to use it again.

Homemade Bong/Pipe multiple use (made in shop class?)

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Advantages: If you build a good one it may last a while, saves money on buying a high end bong or wraps all the time

Disadvantages: Might not work, might take some experimenting to make sure it works right

For a healthier way of smoking, by removing smoke completely see; Vaping vs Smoking

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Author: Lenny

Women. Weed. Weather. @LennyGaiter @hail_mary_jane

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  • laighid

    fuck all those methods… volcano is the way to go

    • Brian

      could not agree more….. volcano digit for me….all day, everyday

      • eddie

        u can suck my dick og style blunt nigga

        • damon

          Thats what the fuck I'm sayin. Motherfuckers tryna get too technical and shit. Roll a motherfuckin dutch nigga

          • scared of blacks

            yo nigga you my homeboy, WEST COAST. yea mothafucka lick that dutch and amoke that shit up….. I'm white…

          • vib420


          • Shawn

            fuck yea roll that shit up

          • asdf

            yo niggagaaaaaas! dutch guy over here!!! gonna tell you all about the bestest way to smoke your stuff man!! it's what my niggas over here are saying, roll a dutch one mannnn!!! it's the bestest way man WEST COAST.

            But seriously. Do whatever you please. I am really Dutch but I can't confirm a dutchie is the best way to smoke your marijuana. I use bongs too and to be honest I like them better.
            That's just my opinion. I know people who hate bongs. So it's like I said, do whatever you want!! And listen to me because I'm Dutch so I ought to know this stuff (I guess).

    • Guest

      Seriously dude, you hit the nail on the fuckin head. i cant believe he has 4 different bong types, but doesn't include a vaporizer?

    • jose

      fuck u

    • Nathan

      I wouldn't "fuck all the other methods", but yeh volcano is more than vaporizing…its legit. I love my volcano. But hey, a joint is just a classic drop and roll and smoke. (although personally, i'll go 21st century efficient volcano more often than a joint or bong)

    • tim

      i got the tower how much did you pay for the volcano

    • tim

      i got the tower how much did you pay for the volcano

    • thepreacher

      whats a volcano?

    • judith

      volcano hits whiles your smoking the blunt wahts wrong with that?

    • tom

      hell yeah!

    • Man my nigga it take to much time for a vap. I'm on dem shits for real, soon as I get it I'm breaking it down. And for what? Now I gotta wait on dis shit to hear up. Fuck dat shit, twist dat shit.

  • I agree… I would have included that but thats not really “smoking”

  • Jack Hofferson

    what about knife hits? thats a pretty awesome way to get ripped.

    • k-bizzle

      what's a knife hit?

    • Kaitlin

      What is that exactly?

      • Heyviktor

        getting two hot knives and pacing a nice size nug in between them practically vaporizing it(:
        There is an app in the android market (stoners handbook) ts FREE!

    • jafet

      Ive only seen that method used for smoking hashish

    • Stonerrr

      Actually the only way I've ever used knives was to smoke the resin. You use a bobby pin to get it out of whatever you were smoking with, put it in tin foil, place in between two hot knives and press them together, and breathe in that sweet sweet smoke. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • CBw

      if you get your technique right on the 1 hitter it's like smoking of blunt with out the time it takes to wrap it.

  • Mark Klein

    Yo dawg, I herd you like to smoke weed, so we rolled your weed up in weed so you can smoke weed while you smoke weed…

    • artavia

      thats good i never heard of that be4

    • Hahah ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Gangamastr

      yea rolling weed in a leaf is the shit if you can get i right. lol

    • abby

      goood idea

    • hair bag

      do not be a dick!

  • spaceranger

    metal pocket pipes with screw top bowls are mobile, had to break, and it holds a good bowl.

    • Gangamastr

      the proto pipe is the ultimate metal pipe.

    • k-bizzle

      yeah but smoking out of metal sucks….. the taste isn't good. and the bowl gets way too hot way too fast.

    • idiot

      all those metal shavings are getting to your head evident in your grammar

  • Dr. Clyde Benson

    Horrible grammar, spelling and syntax.
    You desperately need to learn to write proper English.


    • yes i am

      its about weed, ur not a stoner, ur a sad lil child

    • HeloniLynn

      Unless you live in Great Britain, I'd suggest you learn proper American. Yes, there is a differance. I.E. : DUH, Tard, Freak, Dumb dumb, dope, ding bat, dipsh*t – to name a few.

      Don't flame on people for grammar and what not when you haven't got it down yourself. Nobody likes a smart alleck – hey, there's another one. Besides – don't you have anything better to do with your time? Is it your goal in life to feel intellectually superior to a bunch of stoners? Or are we having a bad day? Is there something you need to talk about? That's called "displaced anger", and it isn't fair to the "victim".
      On the other hand if you're responding to an insult – there are much better ways to go about that. Sticks and stones, I'm sure you remember. My grandma would be dissapointed in you. *Shame shame shame*

      • guy

        I'm high, but your quotations are out of place.

        OH SNAP ๐Ÿ˜›

    • HeloniLynn

      By the way,

      "Horrible grammar, spelling and syntax." – This is known as a "sentence fragment".

      You desperately need to learn to write proper English. – Here you are technically correct, but would have done better phrasing it this way:

      "It deeply concerns me that you lack basic knowledge of the English language and I suggest you learn it quickly. In my opinion it is sad that so many people have been allowed to slip through the cracks of this great country…America."

      Like I said – it ain't English. It's American. You don't like it – there's the border. Don't let it hit you in the rear on the way out.
      I reckon.


      • haley


        loved your reply

      • uvndsfgvblojwe

        The point of a "sentence fragment" so you dont have to say all of that… saves time.

    • westy212

      Technically, it should be 'write *in* proper English'; as opposed to "write proper English.

    • Fleabag

      The first sentence is incomplete Doctor. Needed to connect to the other with a comma.

    • fucku

      who gives a fuckin piece of shit?!

    • smokehash

      suck a dik this aint school bitch

    • smoking owl

      ANd maybe doctor Benson, you should just smoke a blunt and quit bitching! Burn one and relax! There isn't a single person to visit this site who cares, but you! PRObably because you are the only one sober!!

    • James

      learn to write English properly**

    • David

      Hahaha right on i agree 100% . Like really people go back to school!!!!

    • Guest

      This is not about grammar u dumbasss

    • David

      Weed never discriminates

      • LeahJane

        I agree with the kind doctor and David! There is nothing wrong with smoking weed AND becoming educated! I'm a 62 year old retired professional who now smokes pot to relieve the intense pain I have daily from several different types of arthritis and other chronic very painful musculoskeletal diseases. I wish we could get weed legalized, at least for medical uses;) everywhere! I smoke weed to kill my pain, relax my muscles and to put me in a mellow mood. Is that too much for ANYONE to ask????
        [polldaddy 6071792 http://answers.polldaddy.com/poll/6071792/ polldaddy]

    • diabutties

      shut up bitch

    • Jack Bear

      you should have put a comma after spelling. I recommend you both buy the book "The Elements of Style" by Strunk and White; It is considered to be the bible of writing. If I knew how to underline words I would have done so for the book title. That is all!

    • A Wandering Editor

      Dr. Benson, I agree with you wholeheartedly.

      And to all the people bashing this comment—you desperately need to learn to write proper English.

      You say that there should be a comma after "spelling"? You're wrong. That comma is called the Oxford comma or the serial comma, and it is absolutely optional.

      You say that "in" should be inserted between "write" and "proper"? You're wrong. Using "in" there would be equivalent to saying that you "read in English" or that you "play in hockey"—or, for that matter, that you "smoke in weed."

      And really, the Elements of Style? Style, by definition, regards things that could go either way, such as the Oxford comma I mentioned earlier. The Elements of Style, however, is a book that makes arbitrary decisions about style and acts as if these arbitrary decisions are rules. It degrades knowledge of grammar.

      • fdh


    • ha.

      aha. faggot.

    • bam

      what a faggy remark who cares buddy

    • If he's high, he doesn't care about grammar and spelling.
      And when we get high, we won't care about proper grammar and spelling.
      You feel me bro?

  • hard toker

    what about lungs? those are my actually favorite.

    • hard toker sucks


    • Quarce

      those are fanfuckingtastic!!!

    • cr1min4l

      not sure why you got so many thumbs down. I love hittin the lung.

  • Ferox

    I would like to add that to smoke on a nice Chillum is also a very nice way to get stoned ๐Ÿ™‚ And lets not forget earthpipe, cant beat nature.

    • blackjax421

      A chillum is sweet and holds a bowl tight forever but they break way to easy, mine shadered when i put my skinnys back on… i was pissed and had to pick bud and broken glass out of my leg.

    • k-bizzle

      hell yeah! hippie for real! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Pablo

    eh brah!
    i no can spell eda,
    we jus talking story bout pakalolo
    Aloha, Hilo, Hawaii

    • blackjax421

      hey brahda, fuk da spelling n start da rolling

      • jay

        Rajah dat! ALOHA

  • houroc, that roor bong on the left is like the one i was telling you about, with the double-filtration chamber.

    • Dylan

      Triple filtration. Theres a perc halfway up it. Looks sick

  • eaze

    yeh man volcano all the way

    if i did go back to smoking it would be joints, but none of that white rizla shit, brown RAW vegan papers only, unbleached.

    still, with my volcano digit, and iolite, theres no point in smoking.

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  • cellardoor

    wow, this article is such a let down…. that's not 10 different ways to smoke weed, maybe 10 different devices to use. seriously, what about vaporizers, bottle tokes, hot knives, gravity bong, the lung…?

    • mastaandrew

      i agree. we would sometimes take a blunt and poke a hole in a bottle. then put the blunt in the whole and its like giving yourself a shotgun.

      • kasey

        That's called a Nater.

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  • fuck crabs

    fuck any body who dont smoke out of a blunt

    • marijuana is bad

      blunts are bad for you, i suggest a nice homemade bong or bubbler. better yet, don't smoke marijuana, it's dangerous and leads to other drugs. this website is tragic

      • love blunts

        fuck that shit blunts are fuckin amazing.

    • fast mk2 jetta

      Smoke vodo mixed with some heave ass trainwreck for Hawaii in a blunt if u don't ur one of thoes queers u picking up what I throwin down

    • guy

      Blunts are really only for black people that think they're stuntin'. Try a waterfall and when your face slides off your skull you'll know what high is.

      • dippy

        blunts are for cruzin, or chillin with your buds.

        i agree with the waterfall tho…shits fuckin' crazy

    • coldhartedsparks

      fuck you and youre crack laced blunts "nucker" . papers are the orig. and glass is best yet ! get up with the tims befor we put youre ass to work as a slave in prison bitch .

    • guest

      the kush i got u cant smoke a blunt!!!!!!

    • Paper Planes

      We don't smoke blunts bitch. Paper planes only.

  • steve


    • thebenster

      you stoner

  • NZBaby

    Fucking yanks.

    • shreder

      Fucking pansy ass English cunt.

    • sdfg

      what does yanks even meen you god dam red neck

  • smoke tuff

    it takes five minutes to go to the store and get a swisher…..plus a blunt will get 5 people high, let alone 2 people

  • definitely glass bongs
    fuck plastic and homemade shit
    jays and bleezies are good for on the go

    • kkk

      your black

  • Twitch

    First of all, it's depressing that the majority of you seem more focused on feeling more legit and wise when you're bickering over petty negativity. This is obviously an opinion piece. Chill out. But hell yes, to the homemade stuff. I've made a couple bongs that we're pretty smooth, and when the rain dries I'm going to try making my own pipe from a twig or something. Just broke my glass. =/ It was dramatic too, slomo. Pretty sad, twas a nice piece. Anyhow, happy smoking/vaping, it's all the same in the end, we get high, no need to argue. One love.


    • riss

      dude thats so true yo everyones always bitchin bout what they smoke outta,get high and have fun!!

      • simonutts

        I totally agree! Shit if its good weed ill smoke it whatever its in!
        I cant resist a blunt, they are my fav! I roll them like a queen! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • sir smoke alot

      i agree with u homemade peaces are the best i used a creamer bottle a metal pen and tin foil best bong i ever made

    • Watch Out

      When I smoked my sweet, sweet Nepalese hash I used a small wooden pipe with a filter. Even with that it clogged up quickly, but the smoke was nice

  • smokey

    blunts nigga blunts

    • herbalist

      na mein we tokin bout the joint n not da blunt i hate da blunt thrrrrrrr

    • ryan

      my fav is 4 papers two papers long two papers wide roll the shit up
      fire in the hole

  • weedthugmang

    popper bottles reck you more than any bong ever will. plastic bottle, melted down so its harder; get a lamp nipple, melt a hole in the bottle, put the lamp nipple in the hole and aim it up. then glue the pipe and bottle so that the pipe stays and so that its air tight, then add some water and smoke away. people use tobacco to keep the weed up in tha pipe so that it burns all the way, i do, and it cooks me. its a little harsh on the throat your first couple of times, and it doesnt taste the best. but honestly, ill never ever ever get more stoned that i would if i smoked poppers.

    • everyday chopper

      yea tobacco with bud in nz where im from we call it chop.yea it gets u fuked of yo face yo
      once u smokechop u dont stop

    • D'barber

      Just get a popper piece and a gromet so you can smoke from an actual bong man, so much smoother than a bottle, tastes better, and it sure as hell is cleaner

  • grif

    blunt uses more than bongs use to get you high.

    • darez sanders

      but do bongs get higher faster or less

      • GORDON


    • GORDON


      • Dolo

        Useful Sir, very useful.

  • JAKEjones…notmike


    • sheriff

      wad da fuck i use drugs en cocaine en herion..fuck those hu try en force smokine,,i knw i'v benn using it for years..

    • jakejones2

      dude im jake jones. everybody use to say jake jones who? jake jones who? i hate blacks and rap.

  • justin

    what about the vaperizer?

    • brandon

      really what about the vaporizer its like the best way one sec its there then its all gone and all its smoke right down your throat yah its awsome also a hukkah kicks ass

    • Alex

      Thanks, I was looking for the name as I was constantly searching under "evaporator" and knew that wasn't it!!! I'm going to try Salvia with a vaporizor if possible.

  • Ray Ray

    vaporizor is key

  • jimmy

    crack rockz

  • Natural Lighter

    glass pipe with a magnifying glass bitches! fuck the butane!

  • bryan

    party hard rock and roll drink a fifth and smoke a bowl,for all you faggot fucking preps out there fuck you guys BCUZ STONERZ RULE

  • Mark Chmura

    Stick it bitch!!!

  • artavia

    hahahaha yall crazy

  • Truesmoker

    i wanted to get an iolite but didn't know if it was worth the money, will it be a better smoke than my bong


    Why not smoke a blunt…then a bong…then a bubbler…then a J? Then everyone wins. xD

  • 420


    Peeps, i think most everyone needs to stop bickering and get along. This should be a forum to bond with each other and kick it. Come on. Afterall, we all have something in common. The fact is we love to smoke so some of you unhappy people that need therapy should figure out weed is only a luxurie. And you got to be healthy in the first place to smoke it.

    I like Bubblers and Roor pipes.


  • sarah

    nahhhh use a gatorade bottle, just take the cap off and put foil on top but first poke little little wholes in the foil, then poke a whole on the side of the bottle…
    or just make a gravity bong using a bucket and a bottle!
    you going get high off one hit from doin that shit!

  • M0E

    @Sarah, one lol

  • yo mama

    gravity bong, hookah, lung, smoking weed in a blast cell at -30F, blunts of course, any glass device, mixing it with gooey resin, lacing it with cocaine, wetting it, and finally the dreaded toilet paper roll and aluminum foil.

  • smkylee

    yo da bong is da way it dont matter what kind it is

  • smkylee

    glass bong if you need to put dat much in da blunt is a waste

  • ano

    gravity bong?

  • Jimmy

    Buckys is whre its at! If any one knows what thay are : D

    Off to have a fe now

  • steve b

    The airplane joint in pineapple express is the best way clearly

    • ryan

      cross joint

  • Everyone is forgetting about the all powerful GRAVITY BONG. I made one with a 3 gallon water jug and my pool! Suck the smoke in the jug by pulling the jug up out of the pull then g under water when the jug is completley filled with smoke and put your head up in that bitch and breath in out as long as you can!

  • Drew

    Gravity Bong has got me the highest over

  • WaKe-N-BaKe

    Joint burning faster? I smoke a joint over anything any day. It is how you roll it. Me, I am pro. Blunts DO NOT get more people high. I can roll a joint big enough for a whole party. I don't just use one paper…i use as many as I like. If I roll a one paper joint, It will still burn slower than a blunt. You got to know how to roll it.
    Rolling joints is an art for me. I can roll anything. I am a true "roll"model.

    • WaKe-N-BaKe <3s cock

      you're a "fag" model.

  • TheJane

    ;3 The girl in the first pic is just so…. unf.

  • ernmaister

    bucket bongs and i bought the easy vape v2 the new one it feels up bags and it has a wipe

  • vic

    fuck a vaporizer. brownies are awesome. (if they're made with cannabutter)

  • Crystal 77

    Where is the Vapo???

  • johnny

    what about poppers??

  • "this is how you’re parents smoked". – I was going to learn English, but then I got high.

  • sudbury


    • smoker

      gravity bong all day evry day

  • ganjafarmaglen

    shotties are the one

  • Pot

    Where's my Chillum pipe?

  • blak lungz

    Swishers, phillies, garcia y vega cigarillos, dutch master cigarillos, JOB 1.5 papers, nigga if i cant roll it i cant smoke it.

  • fucking christ

    fucking embarrassing….. I hate the whole world. especially you, poster. 40% of your different ways to smoke weed were the same way… A BONG. FUCK YOU. hotknives, vaporizer, shotties, spliffs, shotguns, gravity bongs, waterfall bongs. shit. you suck. I was looking for a new and inventive way to blaze, not a list of materials a piece might be made of

  • WeedSeed420

    I usually just go with my glass bong as it wastes less weed than a Blunt or a J but recently, I made this really great bong out of a really big light-bulb and a Voss water-bottle so I've been using that. I reccomend any serious smoker and/or DIY-ish person take a stab at making their own bong. It's very fun, saves you money, and It's more personalized than any bong you can buy. But yea, I'm more of a bong person. My bong is basically my third arm.

  • you guys fully forgot the best method.


    go on guys n gals.heat the old knives up and get Chinese eyez

  • tommyjonn

    made a bong outta a 5 gallon culligan water jug crazy shit……..unclearable!!!!!!!!!

  • therealist

    OKAY ENOUGH YOU TOOLS!!! best way is a good vapourizer! 100% thc intake,

    2nd is BONG with 85-90% thc

    3rd pipe 65-70 % thc

    4th Joint 50-55 % thc

    get some good indica and a good vapor, 1 hit should fuck you up hard

    • C-Buz

      I hope you, and your vaporizer dick riding friends realize that a vape brings in a different high then that of smoking a bong, joint, pipe, or blunt…. not everybodys goin for the body high, which is what you get from vaporizers. Now get off its dick and fuck off. Idiot.. I get yo bitch to smoke me out with yo weed hoe, thats how i get the highest #Realest Nigga in the Game

  • FlyingDutchMan

    If you smoke everyday 2 Gram good dutch weed like me.
    Is the joint the best method.
    Here in holland we have millions weed smokers And the most smoke a joint.
    A bong, pipe and the other stuff is fun for once in 4 months.

  • guest

    joints souund good

  • Big C

    no man i just smoked out of a gas mask i have been smoking for like 6 years now one of my fav ways to smoke good ass kush

  • Emeka

    ganja nija: is my nick name but people call me Emeka,
    love is our life, joy is our life just wanna get married with drilling nija woman that i can love, and also share things in common: my email address is sam_glom@yahoo.com.
    royal highness!
    or call : +2347025931364.

  • Mary Jane

    i'd say the vaporizer is the king of all methods of THC delivery.

  • rob man

    haha that was cool to see that one hitter fake cigarette thing because i just bought that and im actually surprised at how well it works considering i only paid $5, i also have a glass bong, rolling papers (both clear and traditional) and i had a pipe but my dumb ass broke it ๐Ÿ™
    all in all though i would say you cant go wrong with a good old fashion joint, classic!

  • andrew

    does anyone know wat the slinkey pipes r called

  • Victoria

    Rissian girl here. Been smoking for 2 years, came out of the greatest dipression, blunts hurt my lungs, if you ever smoked sigarets, you know what I am taking about, joints burn too fast, bom with ice us great., never triedvaporizer, am looking for one, I think everybody needs to find his own favorite one. Respect to all. Victoria

  • Dick Cheney

    What the fuck…..? VAPORIZER is the future of smoking!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marcelo

    I'm desperate… I move to Saint Louis some time ago. I can not get pot…
    Any ideas?

    • john

      LOL I moved to another city recently also. Was at at 711 around 1 in the morning, and a girl who looked around 20 was working. I had a conversation with her, and it led to me buying weed from her room mate the next day…just go around talking to people but be smart about it.

  • StonerChick

    it doesn't matter what you smoke out of! ๐Ÿ˜€ As long as it's pot and as long as I'm included, I could careless ๐Ÿ˜›

  • KillGoreMofckkaaa

    I fuckiing love stonerss. xD

  • bayne

    i like knife hits, volcano, but what about a magnifying glass and your hand with the power of the sun

  • ayy son fuck a j and fuck yo momma. wheres the vaporizer and the reverse gravity or even gravity. 10 best ways to smoke.. PLZ! bamboo nigga? a cig pipe? nigga! a plastic bong, lmao. just stop smokin before u give pothead a worse name then it allready has, cock sucker

    • ryan

      right on

  • sillyhilly93


  • moses

    blunts r the way to go fo sho

  • moses 187

    imean i sayin tho i could use a fatty rite now lol

  • igotkush;)

    HELLO has no one heard of a vaporizor. Burns only thc. Gets everyone riped + its healthyer for your body

  • I like my 1E box it does the job and saves on herb. I'm not a rich man! the good stuff is to expensive to let it just burn away in a joint or pipe.

  • Jared

    homemade g bong all the way

  • gp

    there were too many bongs, should have been one category with a side note of how glass bongs are way better…no chillums mentioned or vaporizers, lungs, gravity’s or any other home made equipment other than apples or beer cans ahah the list needs some updating

  • Wesley Pipes

    1 word – WATERFALL. I haven't looked back. Make a good one with a proper top and it's cheap, I think it's more efficient than a bong and it hits like Barry Bonds on The Clear. Game. Set. Match.

    or a Volcano. Can't beat those in terms of technology.

  • meghan

    glass blunt ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • kenneth

    Just grab a piece of tin foil and make it a pipe you retarded stoners!!!!

  • This site is cool. I like smoking weed with tobacco in it.

  • Johnson

    Cross joint all the way Son!

  • Deds

    Blunts all day nigga

  • nick

    solopipe! the way to go when on the go. solopipe.com

  • weazzy

    Can't believe nobody has said this ay. But this is the way you will truly get fucked up. I don't like it cos it makes me just feel way too fucked to even do anything really. But if your by your self and have fuck all weed and just wanna get wasted. Oh yeah this is real good way if you got fuck all weed aswell.

    Get two butter knives. Put them on the stove top untill there burning red.
    WHile the knives are getting to that point or maybe before this if you got good stove (mines shit) smash the bottome of a glass bottle (eg beer bottle) so you can smoke outta it.
    Now roll up lil dots of weed about the size of a thumb nail (that's bigger than the ones i take lol).

    These are called spots. Now grab the hot knives. Pick up the dot with the hot side of one knive and flatten it onto the other hot side of the other knife while smoking it throught the glass bottle.

    In New Zealand this is what all the biggest weed smokers do. We call it spots. ENJOY!!

    • Vinowkron

      fucken a spots kick ass
      and so does nz
      bop rocks

  • Hiii

    Nice hat

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  • sam


  • ben jamin

    blunts r good but they take to much weed lungs bongs and glass bowls

  • FUck hookah

    This shit is fucking ignorant.

  • Big jay

    kk ima school u niggas:
    -blunt(wrap, centry sam, phillie,dutchy, superblunt)
    -gravity bong
    -fruit pipe
    -hot knives
    -parachute bag
    -2 letre pipe/bong
    -crack pipe(lol ive seen people do it)
    -dmt pipe
    -splunt (blunt skins with ziggs)
    -car lighter hitts
    -in a ciggerette
    prolly a few more but cant think of em off hand, but strate the fucc iup nicest way is centry sam blunt

  • dippy

    waterfall bong…

    nuff said

  • blahblahblah

    you people are crazy and will die (or go to jail for fricken life! either one u all deserve :)!!!

  • guest

    im surprised that they didnt put vaps when i stayed in ky thats all they used up there

  • For all u non stoners out there trying to come up with something to talk shit about a fellow stoner…..”FFFUCK YOU”!!!!!!!!

    And for all my fellow stoners out there “at the end of the day we are all high nomatter what method it is that we may choose to use”. Ima go get high now.

    One love.


    To EVERYBODY sayiny"HURR DURRR WHAT ABOUT VAPORIZAHHSS HURR DUUR" This an article about the greatest ways to SMOKE not VAPE smoking is smoking while VAPING is VAPING.

    I do agree with the leaving out the fgravity bong thing though.

  • Cause I had too… man shit cu wha bra mayne dude why vaporizer not be on da list niggaz? all my nigazzsmoke crack and blunts. I on da oda handa vaporize my bud niggaz catch my drift pond water bitch ha jean.

  • chris

    take a big big bong rip out of a big as bong it well get u fucked up lol always fo it it aewsome!!!!!!! 4:20 forever STAY HIGH IM BROS

  • chris

    always do it that wut i was going to say lol stay high

  • Dam pips im fuckin hi

  • Deadguy2

    vapping never gives me that OMG that was a good hit feeling so I stick to smoking

  • johnutcerra

    what about fuckin pails/buckets . ive smoked all these ways you show right there but the best way to get fuckin ripped is pails. 3 pails and your done.

  • AshBabe

    Yeah, you should definatly add the Iron Lung in there, badass motherfucka get you higher then a bird. Interesting info though.

    .:Purple Kush FTW:.

  • Weed smoker

    Yo weed brings people together..every1 get along and smoke some weed anyway u want..fav way is the j classic

  • marly marl

    why n-e bod wan pollute good 4u bud w/ a poison tabacco leaf is byon me. makes no sence, but erybod does it. (but me…) good smokin papa is made outta bud stems. don add no flava or carcenogens 2 yo nuggs. its called hemp paper it even comes on a roll iffin u wan twist a party spliff

  • asd


  • I like my weed when i leave it over night. I start to smoke it and then i leave about 3/4's of the joint and smoke the rest of it the next day, if you have never tried this then you should ๐Ÿ™‚

  • STONER420


  • Whip-style vaporizers (Silver Surfer, Da Buddha, etc.) are my favorites, but high-end glass bongs come in a close second in terms of preferred method (I guess that would make it number one for actually smoking).

  • Kirsten

    So. Spots means a kniver to me. And those are my favorite.
    Blunts are fun for smoke tricks and a bigger group.
    Pipes are for on the go.
    Joints seem to not get my high ever? Weird, I know.
    Never used a vaporizer.
    Gravity bongs get me high as fuck in a small group.
    Being creative and building my own smoking shit is more for fun than for getting high. If my focus is to solely get high then I usually don’t get as high as I want to.

    Best way to have a good time is to get some sunshine and take fat rips.

  • listen boys i am a 62 year old man and have smoked weed since i was 16 and i dont care for all the technology a joint no tabacoo and no roach will get you soo stoned its unreal try it boys

  • notimportant

    dude, it should be "your parents" not "you're parents"!!

  • buddtoker

    Blunt is the best choice and only og's
    know That

  • wounder woful

    lets say i was buying with 4 friends totally hypothetical how much should i get ps its our first time and which one of toughs should i get plus im under 18



  • tony

    that chick from the first pic has beautiful eyes….im high

  • B rad

    I smoke Ls

  • d

    we steady up on this shit smb motha fucka (s moke m ad blunts) me and my crew are strate up and real as it gets the mook life is where its at check out mook-life.com and youl understand

  • paull

    Rip off one end of a tampon wrapper son. Then stuff dat shit with your bud it dont take too long to get friggin tore up

  • joe

    a cooler filled with water and “ice” and a 2 liter bottle, the perfect smooth GRAVITY BONG.

  • Lukefahr

    Don't forget the Meerschaum!

  • Too stoned to care

    My friend made a bong with a percolator and 2 ice chambers. Made of plastic but it hits smooth. It's the shit

  • Gina HASH

    What is the best strain in the world? If you google "labudsmoke" they have pictures and info on the best strains of weed in L.A. . they say its OG KUSH…watch , google "labudsmoke" to see

  • gina hashish

    http://labudsmoke.com/ los angeles marijuana

  • Anthony V

    I'll let you guys in on a little secret only professional smokers know about. I'll tell you guys how to make a filtered g-bong. (the most efficient way to smoke bud) The G-bongs bottle is made in a different way, and with a different shaped bottle to make it the best possible. Here's what you'll need:

    1 Protein Powder Mix Bottle – http://i1198.photobucket.com/albums/aa459/Anthony

    1 Smart Water Bottle (The largest bottle works best) – http://i1198.photobucket.com/albums/aa459/Anthony

    1 Metal Slurpee Straw (their from the west, but you can order them for $1 + shipping) – http://i1198.photobucket.com/albums/aa459/Anthony

    1 Metal Socket (from your tool chest, just pick one that is the appropriate size and is relatively clean)

    How to Set it Up. –

    1. Cut a hole into the Smart Water's cap, place the sock inside. (Smaller side of socket facing bottom of bottle.)

    2. Connect the Metal Slurpee Straw to the bottom of the socket inside the bottle. (This way, the straw will be submerged in water when the smoker sparks the pack.)

    3. Cut/Burn 3 small holes into the bottom of the Smart Water bottle for water to flow through. (I prefer not to cut out the bottom, cutting holes works very efficiently.)

    4. Empty the container (Protein Power Bottle) and fill with water (Not to the brim) then place the bottle in the water. (You may have to submerge it slowly so you don't spill water out of the container.)

    5. Pack the socket with grinded down bud, don't use a stick or prod to jam as much bud as you can, just simply use your fingers to get a solid amount of weed that you can pack with just your fingers.

    6. Some smokers wish to put keif (Weed dust) on the bud they packed to increase THC intake and stimulate their high. (Leave some for other!)

    7. Lift the bottle as you place a flame from a lighter onto the bud, raise the bottle at a slow enough speed that you can hold the flame constantly on the bud. (You will eventually see your pack 'Cherry', once it is, take the flame off the burning bud, and allow smoke to fill in bottle.)

    NOTE: This may take some practice, me and my friends got good at it, but I notice a lot of new comers get confused. the straw will force the smoke to be pulled through the water, expanding the smoke, and cooling it by filtering it through water. It sounds nice, but its sensitive, bubbles will rise from straw and may cause the bottle to vibrate quite viciously, just be ready for the worst and get ready for your first hit of straight heaven.

  • If anyone such a interested in buy a marijuana,cannabis drugs and party pills;so! this suggestion give you a interesting information to buy a dagga,weed,seed and other marijuana drugs you can visit the great site that the link here and visit of that; also,you can give suggestion about it <–TO BUY A Cannabis/Marijuana Drugs And Party Pills Click ON THIS–>

  • Leon da rastafaraman

    SPOTS are the best, they dont use up much weed and you get FUCKED up. i recommend all users try it this way. this consist of heating up to knives on a stove element or a gas torch once knives are hot dab the knives on little balls of weed quarter the size of your nail, and enjoy..

    • Hashashin

      spots -_- just use a vape same sht just beter

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  • steamroller

    Can’t believe nobody mentioned a steamroller..talk about big hits

  • Forget about all kind of lost and win stuff and just think for cannabis and marijuana highs and buy drugs for that from given below site name please go on legal-highs !!!!

  • Forget about all kind of lost and win stuff and just think for cannabis and marijuana highs and buy drugs for that from given below site name please go on legal-highs !!!!

  • jonah

    to everyone saying fuck homemade, your dumb.
    I blow glass

  • Chas

    Fuck all methods Weed wrapped in weed and pipes are the only way to go

  • cram

    iolite wispr

  • Hashashin

    wow they missed so many things on this -_- i saw 1 post that said vaporizer good point there and what about gravity, waterfalls, etc…… how could you miss those but have bong posted multiple times -_- all bad son

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  • The Space Cowboy

    Blunts suck! Revolver multiple one hitter bongs are the best!Tobacco causes cancer and pot does not! Vaporizers are alright but you can't take fast deep hits! Bongs work best with a little water and crushed,shaved ice or snow! Toke on!

  • Tezotz

    Bucket, anyone tryed this?? my est: is well its crazy, 0 to stoned in.. what 2 minutes.. as soon as its all blowen out! your 100% wrecked. True??

  • Meyall


  • Alex

    All you did was take the same things and make it into 3 different things… common!!! be more creative – Lung

  • i smoke blunts, joints. cross joints, cross blunts, pipe, bong. shoot all them items right there get me blown off my ass. bout to hit some good good right now! stay high world and keep on smoken. IM THE BUD MAN IM THE BUD MAN!!!

  • Steve


  • Anon102

    Why don’t they have Vaporizers on the list? The Vape is my favorite method by far.


    Healthy, produces no oder unless you vape incorrectly, conserves your herb quite nicely so you need less, hits extremely smooth, (some prefer a more harsh hit) and is very easy to clean (the only plant matter you have to clean is the buildup in the tube, if you use a tube at all, such as with a Hotbox. The tubes cost practically nothing to replace and you can get them at most hardware stores, so basically no effort).


    Expensive, inconvenient to transport, require power and time to operate, hits extremely smooth, (some prefer harsher hits) and takes you longer to get high

    Also what about gravity bongs? They are fucking insane in my opinion, and easy to make yourself.

  • Roscoe P. Coltrane

    My first time getting stoned–not the first time I smoked though–was with a gravity bong. It was made from a 3-liter soda bottle, and I was in orbit for hours on some regs. I remember thinking, 'so this is what they mean by 'getting high'. I was awing with the eagles on those regs.

  • Lenny R

    Hi! As far as equipment goes for smokin weed, I've made one of the best pipes I ever had out of cherry wood. All you,ll need is a drill, a1/4 in drill bit, a vise, and a dremol kit. You can shape it with this I even added a top for the pipe that swings out to load the bowl, and closes as fast as you like not to waste any when not token on it. The bowl holes about a thumbs worth,and I use disposable screens that U can buy most any were. The whole pipe is 5 inches long, fits in nicley in the hand, can't break, never hot to the touch, inexpensive, and will last forever. Only takes about a hour to make. Better than any thing you can buy in the stores,that I've seen,especially for the money it costs to make. Only thing I had to buy were the screens @ .50 cents per pack of 5. I have it for a good 10 years now, and gets better with age.

  • Aesthetic Long

    Vaporize…..you get higher and it's less harsh on your lungs….more THC….less bits of weed flying into the back of your throat.

  • hitesh sharma

    i love onlay malana joint guys if you want to taste it than come in india and contat me<<<<<<<<<<<<

  • Justin

    I heard Gravity bongs are 100% the best smoking device, for the biggest high and least harmful hits.

  • Apples by far, healthy and organic, very easy to dispose of if need be. You cant even tell a person is smoking so it easy to smoke in peace.

  • blessie

    gimmie di weed mek mi concentrare.n gimie some tym let mi meditate

  • Chris

    Volcano vaporiser all the way

  • Dustin

    Best way to smoke is smoking a fat jay. Add a piece of lettuce to your bag and your smoke will burn much much slower.

  • Houston Trill Nigga

    Lemme get a 5 pack of Grape Swishers. ~Daily sayin’ in a store somewhere

  • Henderson

    No vaporiser? Come on man you’ve missed out not only the healthiest way to smoke, but the best way too!

  • NadDac

    I agree.. knife hits on the oven! Fast, efficient and less loss!

  • you’re awesome thread is still getting mad hits… props man!
    April is Customer Appreciation Month!! Two (2) Free Additional Quartz Pipes with every Allin1-e ordered before the end of the 30th.

  • joserra

    Glass is the best metod

  • kat

    Smoking Blunts With My Boyfriend C:

  • I Smoke Tea And Weed

    I like pipes. I either hit a freinds glass bowl, or make a nice pipe out of a beer or soda can. It hits so damn hard you cough out a lung if you dont smoke often. But it gets you high. Im poor and smoke weed that is sometimes a little cheap. But once i hit this noce glass bowl with yellow hairs on the weed and got baked as fuck. But a freind of mine is getting some weed for free and im going to make a coke can pipe for it. I seriously smoke the weed until its completely ashed. Like until the bowl is white, and there isnt any smoke coming out. I cant loose any thc or resin. I dont care if it taste like the underside of a salty chimp scrotum.

  • I smoke weed and tea

    I posted this earlier with a fake email. But i want to see if i get replies so i pit
    My real email

    I like pipes. I either hit a freinds glass bowl, or make a nice pipe out of a beer or soda can. It hits so damn hard you cough out a lung if you dont smoke often. But it gets you high. Im poor and smoke weed that is sometimes a little cheap. But once i hit this noce glass bowl with yellow hairs on the weed and got baked as fuck. But a freind of mine is getting some weed for free and im going to make a coke can pipe for it. I seriously smoke the weed until its completely ashed. Like until the bowl is white, and there isnt any smoke coming out. I cant loose any thc or resin. I dont care if it taste like the underside of a salty chimp scrotum ill still hit it to get high

  • roasted rascal

    How bout a big-barrel steamroller? Now clear THAT chamber!!!

  • DankCola

    Pail, parachute, hot knives, vaporizer, and most importantly Crystal Bots person who wrote this must be green.

  • ganja man

    ok i will share the best way to get fucked off a joint, if you have ever seen an airbed as most of you have the pump for that shit you stick a joint in one end and your mouth the other that forces smooth smock down you and the joind burns so quick 1 zoot 1 hit but you will be on the floor for a while after man. tell me if you tr it

  • Donahoe smith

    These are very weird and dangerous disease due to use the smoking.

  • Donahoe smith

    I have to follow it 10 best ways. http://www.zimbio.com/Bodybuilding/articles/NTYjg

  • Jimi

    How about bucket? dry bucket? Chilum? vapo? glass jar? soda can? earth bong? Just wondering;)))

  • adam morgan

    weed is weed, smoke it, toke it, love it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • CameoNichole89

    Weed is natures way of sayin hi!!! Thats my motto!! I tend to bask in the ambiance of the reefer mulitiple times a day!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • j

    Blunts all day. If you in Connecticut in new Milford area an wanna smoke good hmu. Noeone66@Gmail.com

  • DrC

    I like the metallic bullet, There's one I've used some time which has some kinda screw insider to avoid debris tobe swallowed and for only a little pot. That's been my lately weapon of choice b-coz it's discreet enough but need some maintenance sometimes to keep the smoking circulation free.

  • black KKK

    @white power go suck ya horses dick while. Me and my niggas run a train on ya crackhead ass mama

  • IVapeGood

    Vaporizers is the best way,Period!!

    Smoke,bong,hooka vs Vaporizers
    – cancer No cancer(no smoke)
    – smelly cloths no smelly cloths
    – smelly breath no smelly breath
    – expensive use less herb, save money!!
    – can not smoke anywhere vapeanywhere(hotels,ect…
    a cleaner better high!!

    check out http://www.IVapeGood.com

  • Vap Blunts Apples Pipe Bong Joint (Pop Can Old School) Steam Roller By The Way Just Got My New Site Up To Check It Out Hope You Guys Like It

  • Check Out My New Site I Hope You Guys Like It

  • Blunts by far are the best. If you don't like em you are not a smoker.

  • Turtle Mongrle

    Lenny you stupid mutha fucker. you dont even know.

  • ya mon

    I have a coconut bong home made and it will put u down for the count

  • Mia

    Mannnnnnnn tht shit is so fuckin good I can somke all day. Long nd with them………….HELL YEA

  • toney mcdowell

    I love weed its the.way of life and u don’t do no fucked up shit to go to jail on weed make them legalize it in Louisiana

  • Will

    Gravity bong needs to be on here! Gets you really high with little weed


    i have to scrape tonight :'( but if i could smoke anything outa anything, it would be some Homegrown Hydro(grown correctly:).) Platinum Kush out of a 2' double perculator bong, with an ice catcher, and a ash catcher:))) can i have like 25 bucks please?

  • thebestwayever!

    what about…hemp paper! you can make your own man out of your plants leaves..if you grow..and have big plants. a blunt made from weed!

  • seni

    say yu dont got those things to smoke outta?

  • LarryGreen

    Hit a regular fat joint hard, then plug up your nose with two fingers, then blow air through your nose while your nose is plugged up until your ears pop. Then tell me how you feel, the OG of hitting that joint in a real way.

  • dee

    ion kno about all dat shit i just wanna smoke weed …real talk ;(

  • donr

    Medium sized peculating bong FTW, and don't pack the bug in the bowl. Just load small personals so everyone gets a clean hit.

  • Lol yum yum ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Smoking outta aluminum in general is bad for you, cans, foil ,etc.

  • C-los

    Wat happened to the vape mmmmmaaaaannnnn

  • Malice

    What about the gas mask though??

  • Smoke that, choke that pash that isshh..

  • carter

    lol how can a bong possible use more weed then a blunt >.<, when smoking a blunt it uses at least 3X the amount of any bong/ bubbler! also shoudnt bubblers be categorized with bongs instead of with pipes?

  • smoke out

    yall sayin vaporizer missed the point of this article, vaporizing is NOT considered smoking, your weed needs to burn for it to be smoking

  • Blunts all day my nigg

  • cassus

    Tried apple, MFLB and Volcano. Can't do blunts or joints because I'm a sissy and I don't want to fuck up my throat and lungs with all the hot smoke and particulate. Definitely a huge fan of the volcano. The Magic Flight Launch Box is also surprisingly good. Needless to say, apple bongs are shit even if they get you high. At least they proved to me that I would need a vaporizer, or stop smoking weed, cause daaaamn.. Burns all the way through your throat and lungs. No fun.

  • travers

    I noticed no sites talk about spoting!! thats when you heat up two metal butter knifes on the stove (gas best) and roll small bits of bud into SPOTS( one toke size balls) and pick up the spot with the tips of the knifes when they are red hot. instant hits makes your gear go futher and can be done to roachs!! if you have a small portable gas bunner for camping you can spot any where in the car out the back of work in the bush and be easy to hide.

    • Green
    • I dont know bout da rest of u but the gravity bong is my sh**

    • Cj

      As an ex-heroin user, please don’t refer to weed as ‘gear,’ to anyone who actually knows the slang it just comes across as ignorant

  • asdfghj

    shut the fuck up and dont call him a sheepfucker. how long did it take to think and then type that stupid mother fucking comment. fucking loser you are.

  • I realy love smoking glas Bong, get my from http://www.bringmepaper.de

  • herbieshead420

    lawl you forgot vaps and hash balls >.> or resin balls or well you just forgot quite a bit though my list is easily

    1st vapes
    2nd bongs
    3rd bowls
    4th blunts
    5th joints
    6th one hitters
    7th hash pipe ((slightly different than a normal bowl))
    8th bubbler
    9th cross blunts
    10th gas mask bong

    now thats not in order at all just what came to mind first

  • trish

    I really love the way weed makes me feel. I believe if we legalize weed there will be more revenue and way less crime! Come on everybody..lets make weed legal! WQrite your congressman today!

  • Anna

    gravity bong is the way to go

    • marijuana vendors

      top medical marijuana strains for sale at moderate prices, for more info on how to place an order, contact kingpharm10@hmail.com or call.text 514-416-7248. cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Garrett Bigelow

        not a cop

  • Icup

    He’ll yeah I’m soooooooo high right nowwwwww I’m freakingggggg outttttt lol

  • I am sure every smoking lover will enjoy reading your post, so as i do. I simply love the way you presented the advantage and disadvantage of each way to smoke your weed.

  • tko

    i enjoy me self sum space cookies too!!!!:-)

  • smukatoka

    you basterds don't know shyt. The best way to smoke mutha nature is with a cumquat

  • brian

    Maann, y'all gotta try the gas mask. That's fucking badass. You get high as a kite and it's good for shotgunning too.

  • Ehgony


  • Dwayne

    The best way to get high is a joint of hard weed u can roll it big, small,ยดplain or not and you can take it any were u go8-)

  • Ganjaman

    I try not to smoke; instead use other methods, BUT I love RAW hemp sheets…… EZ Wider's 1.5 or Double WIde, or BIG Bambu's if RAW's aren't around when I'm with a homie or two…. Glass bongs when I'm solo dolo — best way to go ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • RรฑV

    U puffers neva tried a Cillim..??

  • Roo

    What you call spots we here in northern Alberta call bullets. Put a tiny pinch of weed in tin foil and make it a ball with the shinny side facing in. Pinch those red hot knives together on your bullet and use a 2L bottle (top half) as a smoke funnel. My personal favorite next to the bong. P.S. all bong lovers should listen to hits from the bong by cypress hill while Toking it’s a good time ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Shiiiit bru… I’m so high now I feel like I’m on cloud9- Damn smoking in school does shit to me … But still do it anyway8-)- best way to smoke weed is a joint… Cheaper aswell

    • holyshitballs

      cheaper?! maybe short term lol you get the least amount of thc from smoking a joint, which in turn, you smoke more weed…

  • Kyle

    What about lungs????!!!!!

  • Stoner420

    Smoke it in a joint like its supposed to be smoked, the old fashioned way ๐Ÿ˜‰ old ways are the best ways

  • Greg A. III

    I’d take a joint any day.

  • gabe w

    anyway to smoke is the good way but ima oldschool kinda dude , im talking bout rollin with my friends passin the blunt ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Guy#25

    Weed is weed don’t matter how you smoke as long as you get that great high going

  • R.J.

    anyway i can i juts want to get HIGH…

  • jake

    I was a glassbong lover, because we used to roll halfjoints with tabacco and i didnt like it. But yesterday i’ve tried a real clean joint and i loved it ๐Ÿ˜€

    So from now, at home – glassbong, away – joint or a glass shotgun ;D

  • killdemswaggots

    man…i want dat ceramic piece so bad!

  • smoketilldeath

    I have a small one and a big one and I do one off both all in the same hit and blacked Out standin uo

    • smoketilldeath

      I am truly ripped

  • Herpderp

    I use as steam roller with a frozen collent in the middle

  • dazz

    You forgot stove top spots

  • bobby

    gotta love that pumpkin hookah pipe with the curly straws

  • bobby

    i mean apple

  • youngestsmoker

    Weed is the best
    With out weed we couldnt be alive doe
    Thats how my parents meet

  • potheadinarkansas

    Blunts all day. Burn slower taste and smells better and easy to roll

  • radhayradhay

    I prefer the good old marijuana fritter, saves you from the bad effects of smoking..and still benefits you medically …

  • No mention of spots, bucket bongs or lungs??

  • bongs are best, and they save herb not use more

    • blunt killer

      yea ur right but g bong are preaty bad ass to

  • Loves Dialatoke

    Where is Dialatoke? 24 bowls in one pipe, every hit is a perfectly regulated green hit. 24 hits per load. Saves on weed big time. No waste. No coughing. Indiscrete. This is the most significant breakthrough in the basic personal smoking pipe in hundreds of years…

  • doobieman420

    cant go wrong with a fat doobie

  • Ltdoobie

    For those who don’t like the taste of smoke put some chilled mouthwash in ur bong

  • Jena johnson

    I prefer a nice size blunt for fruitypebbles Purp, I DNT lik the class pipe cause it makes me feel lik I’m smoking crack.. White boys u get the weed tried a apple on time wit my Cuzin… But today my personal hookah came frm FedEx .. Soo ima giv my hookah a try .. Cause the blunt has my lips dark n I don’t lik tht .#teamHookah#jenpin7

  • texasboi

    Even alone or wit my lady i roll me a white out cigarilo ese

  • jason

    i just want to leave the

  • jason

    666th comment(: Hail Satan!

  • Alan

    taking small snap hits in a bong is my most efficient way to smoke! It’s convenient and discrete as well as saves a lot of weed.

  • Johnny

    Blunts are for niggers/wiggers

  • DoobiesDaughter

    You know, all the time people will say, load a fatty bowl, smoke it up, blaze that shit, but the reality is, weed is getting more and more expensive (2013), and it’s getting a lot harder to come by because it’s being cracked down on lot more now with the borders being watched like crazy! If you are smoking up a whole ounce in a week, you’d better be real tight with your dealer or have a shitload of money, because this is an expensive habit. Using that much weed to load a bowl is not only wasteful, but you don’t get any higher, it just seems that way because of the lack of oxygen to your brain when you hold it all in for a long time. I mean, I’m not saying a fat bowl once in a while isn’t an awesome thing to treat yourself to, just remember, when you’re out you will wish you had loaded less and made it last longer…… Taking a small two or three hits will get you just as high and save more weed which in the long run will make your stash last longer and you won’t have to spend as much money on it every time you’re out, just common sense. I learned from the best and he’s been smoking for 30+ years, so I trust what I hear. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • weedlover12

      But Not When u live in a Land where weed cost like 3 dollers per Gramm Thais awesome dude

      • Ryan

        Palma Dutch Masters are the only cigar to smoke weed out of any other cigar messes up the taste and are harsh, palma dutch masters are nutural imported paper is real mild and you only taste the weed. How to roll them, lick dutch after taking it out of wrapper, at mouth end of cigar find where the leaf ends and start to peal off ( leaf on these are very thin so be careful ) after this find line on iner cigar where it’s glued together and crack it down there like a philly, throw out tobacco and at mouth take off gray fiter paper ( cancer paper ) and tear of the glue line paper where you cracked it, roll inside like a philly a bit loose, then lick the leaf and bite the tip of leaf off , then place iner cigar on leaf at diagonal angle and roll till complete and bite off end and poke weed in end with a stem or stick ( these keeps weed and resene from coming out) and there you go best way to smoke, and one more thing it has to be a palm dutch master only palma nothing else ( these are grown from cuban seeds all natural. If no palm dutch, then smoke a glass bowl. You’re welcome. WEEDMASTER

    • zakhess

      Yes but you can build a tolerance to THC, I can’t even get high on regs/mids anymore i d have to smoke three bowls to get high and one bowl of dank/medical to be in space so it really depends on the individual. I do enjoy hitters as well

    • stoner

      Its very common in south central LA everywhere and we have tone of thousands if medical shops everywhere. I have 3 down the street from my house


    Type 1 diabetes so fuck blunts i want to still have fingers and legs when im 40

  • WeedBuddy

    joint is the best for daily use.. its easy to roll and can f**c you up..

  • kona69

    Vapping s the best, I use the volcano……uses less weed, much better high. It maybe a expensive start but saves you $$$ in the long run

  • nick

    waterfall will kill ya 4sure one of the best ways to smk

  • KousKous

    Vaporizer all day every day ! Use less weed… Get high.. no more adding lighter fluid to the chemicals that you are inhaling… oh best part you can actually taste the bud!

  • bong master

    man i smoke all day n i lack epic highness n idk how to get it now as i am

  • Bang

    Papers or hash oils any day, I use to smoke blunts, but there just to harsh on a nigga lungs.

  • Josh Calvert

    wheres the spots, lungies, buckeys, shotties etc..

  • Seriรธusly Nรถbody


  • Sawtooth Shredder

    I like to turn on the shower as hot as she goes, run outside in the winter (-35) for example, in my boxers, then run back and hit bong in the steamy room until i can’t stand. At this point I am ready to enter the rain forest within my bathroom. ^.^

  • ShelliBelli420

    I love how there is no disadvantages to the glass bong <3 XD

  • Rich_Swag

    I can’t believe vaporizers aren’t at the top of the list!

  • Bigchevym

    Shotgunning a blunt straight up the nose lol youll be high as a kite lmao

  • Ashu
  • Christian

    Man i never realized how dumb pot heads were until today :l

  • Black King

    Hahahahaha fuckin’ kkkrackers

  • Jay

    made a kick-ass bong out of a subway cup and got so high on way less green than usual cx it was great

  • Famguyfreak

    Gas mask!!

  • shephen

    hey mates we sell good High quality marijuana at shephenmendezs@gmail.com we also got some concentrates available in stock and We always have the best 100% confidential fast and Discreet.shipping and also face to face local drop delivery
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  • Sacred ToKin Stone

    These features make the ToKin stone a perfect match for Marijuana!

    -Cup your hand over the Joint chamber to snuff it out for later
    -You can relight very short roaches without any threat of burns
    -To rid the stone of short short roaches just give a good blow on the cooling chamber
    -You can give “pets” or “friends” a nose toke with the stone. Great for medical patients or calming wild beasts
    -You can give yourself a nose toke
    -You can easily give someone a toke by holding the stone to their lips
    -tip the stone back and touch the ash and it falls inside the rock. It’s own ashtray
    -The Toke stone saves marijuana; when you handle a joint it changes the air flow causing poor burns
    -You can easily pass the joint in the dark. Placing it in an open palm
    -A ToKin stone never gets foul tasting like dirty pipes. Enjoy the Marijuana flavor more
    -The Non Brass toke stones can be gently lobbed 5 or 10 feet
    -Put a few drops of menthol on a cotton swab and put that in chamber #2 when you have a sore throat or for flavoring
    -You can toke in the shower or rain by lightly cupping your hand over the burn chamber
    -Brass – aluminum ones can be warmed up using hot water and you can toke outside in 20 below weather
    -makes a great hand / foot warmer when heated
    -Indestructible. You could bash your way out through a wall if you had to
    -Easily cleaned with a standard tooth brush
    -Metal ones are guaranteed for a 1000 years
    -a great paper weight, conversation piece, exercise weight and household tool (crushed ice)

  • Getliftedtonight

    Anything with water reigns supreme bubbler bong etc yessir!

  • SirTripOlots.

    Everyone’s talking about vapes and papers. Its all about the bong. Good bowl bowl to the facee will do you good. Quality over quantity

    • DirtyDeedsDoneDirtCheap

      I good Chemistry Lab Grade A Bong filled with purified water made ICE. A real cool drag, slip and sip..

  • cyn

    Gatorade Bottle ftw.

  • tony

    I’d say the best way is light 2 blunts find a closet and hot box lol

  • Nothing can touch my Mystical Medicine Stone for toking.
    -Cup your hand over the Joint chamber to snuff it out for later
    -You can relight very short roaches without any threat of burns
    -To rid the stone of short short roaches just give a good blow on the cooling chamber
    -You can give “pets” or “friends” a nose toke with the stone. Great for medical patients or calming wild beasts
    -You can give yourself a nose toke
    -You can easily give someone a toke by holding the stone to their lips
    -tip the stone back and touch the ash and it falls inside the rock. It’s own ashtray
    -The Toke stone saves marijuana; when you handle a joint it changes the air flow causing poor burns
    -You can easily pass the joint in the dark or while driving. Placing it in an open palm
    -Nobody bogarts the joint when toking with the nearly 10 pound brass version
    -A ToKin stone never gets foul tasting like dirty pipes. Enjoy the Marijuana flavor more
    -The Non Brass toke stones can be gently lobbed 5 or 10 feet
    -Put a few drops of menthol on a cotton swab and put that in chamber #2 when you have a sore throat or for flavoring
    -You can toke in the shower or rain by lightly cupping your hand over the burn chamber
    -Brass – aluminum ones can be warmed up using hot water and you can toke outside in 20 below weather
    -makes a great hand / foot warmer when heated
    -Indestructible. You could bash your way out through a wall if you had to
    -Easily cleaned with a standard tooth brush
    -Metal ones are guaranteed for a 1000 years
    -a great paper weight, conversation piece, exercise weight and household tool (crushed ice)

  • smoker


  • Those Roor bongs are immense (as per usual)



  • Slam

    Nah man everyone will be lazy and won’t have any money so they will rob it for weed.

  • bj salge

    My friend is quitting cigs because she was diagnosed with COPD. She also smokes joints. What are other ways to imbibe marijuana to get the same level of feeling?

  • marijuana vendors

    contact…………. vickywhite70@gmail.com foir quality hook up.

  • 420ontheDot

    buckies, spots, gravity bong, water bottle bong, cones, to me i get high of any way i smoke it 420 here i come

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  • devilsam

    Giv us sm new stuff s man this r dated man

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  • Juice of Finland

    Where is so called รคlyรคmpรคri (bucket full of water, big plastic bottle with no bottom on it and base)?

  • Paul Newton John collins

    Would love to try it here in UK.

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