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How To Make a Sobe Bong

Potheads are some of the most creative and crafty people I have come across.  In these recessionary times, it can be hard to come up with the money necessary to purchase a nice bong and even if it is a recession we still need to smoke, maybe even moreso.  If you are struggling to figure out what you are going to smoke out of never fear, HMJ has you covered… sort of.  Here are directions on how to put together a Sobe Gravity Bong that will get you ripped.  I didn’t write this tutorial though.  This tutorial is courtesy of my buddy and fellow professional pothead from the bay Coral.  Make sure you follow her on twitter and show her some love on her tumblr page.  You’ve seen her on HMJ before and if you want more of her on here just like me, make sure you let her know on twitter.

It’s all Coral on the tutorial after the jump… enjoy!

I’m so excited to be bringing you this post, and with so many pictures!

I’ve broken it up into 3 parts, what you need to make this wonderful minigravitybong, the process of making it, and the enjoyment of using it.

Let’s begin!

You Will Need:

A Sobe bottle.

A Sobe bottle.

It can be any flavor you want, as it’s only useful to us when it’s already empty!

I love the energy ones…

You will also need a bowl piece from any other bong. even if you don’t have this I suppose you could rock the tinfoil bowl piece, but I’m sure most of us potheads have one or two glass ones laying around.

You’ll need the cap from that Sobe bottle

My cap is obviously already stoned…

A corkscrew is my weapon of choice here.

We need the corkscrew for the twist itself…

and also for the little blade it comes with.

A mallet, or hammer, or some sort of pounding tool.

Some sort of nail/screw/screwdriver head/item to be pounded. you can get creative and use whatever you have available.

You will need to locate this little divot along the bottom of the Sobe bottle. this is really the most important thing.

Do you see it there? that little ridge, it’s a weak part in the glass along the bottom.

and our favorite ingredient… the weed!

Tonight I am smoking a NorCal outdoor blend, it’s not the super chronic but its what I smoke most often on the daily.

Let’s move on, shall we?

The Process of Making the SobeBong:

Rinse the bottle of Sobe.

Put the nail/screwdriver head into the divot. This is what we will pound on.

Then pound it baby!

What you want is a little hole. (control yourself pervs)

The hole is for water to run out of as such:

Those glass edges are rough though, so I’m going to chisel a bit more and make a cleaner hole.

Ahh, there we go!

So stoked to be this far done!

Now, using the corkscrew and knife combo, get a little hole in the Sobe cap, just big enough for the bowl piece.  Start with a tiny hole and edge it bigger and bigger until the stem just fits, you want it pretty tight.

Once the stem can fit into the cap, you’re just about ready!

And here we have the final product! let’s use this puppy!

Enjoying the SobeBong!

Fill the bottle up with water.

Secure your thumb over that hole in the bottom.

Here’s the bad news: I missed the shot of lighting the bowl, but you can see what’s happening in the bottle. With your thumb over that little hole, screw the cap on with the bowl packed. over the tub, light the bowl and release your thumb and watch this magic occur:

See? Magic! The yummy yellow milky smoke stay in the bottle.

and finally, I get stoned! Just take that cap off, and inhale baby, inhale!

Well I hope everyone loved this as much as I did! If you have any feedback, feel free to get at me on twitter @coralreefer420

Signing out, stoned and ready for bed.

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Author: Lenny

Women. Weed. Weather. @LennyGaiter @hail_mary_jane

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  • ganjaman

    this is a known as a waterfall in northern ireland, been around a long time. easier way is to have any plastic 2 litre bottle (coke etc) take the bowl off your bong if it screws off, make a hole in the bottle cap and screw the bowl on. now get your lighter and burn a small hole in the bottom of the bottle and there u go. fill it up with water put grass in the bowl and get stoned as fuck

    • manchestaboyzo

      it's not from ireland you twat it originated in good ol' ENGLAND

  • smotpoke1

    that is a sad bong.Gravity bongs are just novelty items and that one was way down on the list.I like bongs they are cost effective compared to paying for a Atomizer which while cool in concept they are ridiculous in price.While they say an atomizer doesn’t give you all the carcinogens which I think is bullshit it’s still smoke.

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  • excellent! i was looking at the photos thinking i recognized that bud babe. and i did! i follow her on twitter. fantastic tutorial on how to make a bong. though a little effort for me. the photos were wonderful. excellent step by step guide. consider it one of the best!!

  • pedro

    can u use a water bottle like does it have to be a glass bottle?

    • das

      are you retarded good sir?

  • Stay away from SoBe and other "energy drinks" because they are designed to change a person's DNA, causing cellular permutation, leading to death and damnation of the soul.

    • Franky

      I want whatever you’re having

  • Nathan

    your all high

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  • frankie

    just stoned

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