7 Best Weed Vaporizers of 2017- Dry Herb & Wax

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7 Best Weed Vaporizers of 2017- Dry Herb & Wax

Are you looking to find your next best vaporizer for weed?

We got you covered! We just spent several weeks reviewing the latest vaporizers on the market for 2017, scouring customer reviews from reputable consumer sites as well as top manufacturers’ websites, and most important, personally putting some mileage on this vapes. We find out there’s is not a perfect vaporizer, and even our team had different preferences. We strongly recommend researching before making the final call, especially for your first weed vaporizer.

Best Overall

The Davinci IQ is the most advanced dry herb vaporizer we’ve tested. Stylish and solid on the looks, but the best part is hidden inside. Built with the most premium materials, like the zirconia air path, makes the vapor stay cool throughout the session. This generates dense vapor and amazing flavor, especially for loose leaf materials.


Vaping has exploded in popularity in recent years. Although it’s a clean way to smoke your favorite strain of cannabis, if you’re a veteran cannabis smoker, it’s not always easy to transition away from smoking weed out of a bong or rolled up in a joint.


Admittedly, for OG smokers, there’s a sense of pride in hitting a bong or taking a toke from a joint and exhaling a billowy cloud of thick smoke.


However, there’s also merit in smooth hits and lighter clouds of vapor. If you’re truly a connoisseur, you’ll also find that vaping weed is tastier than combusting it.


If you’ve never tried vaping weed, it’s important to find the right vaporizer, especially if you’re always on the go, in which case a portable vaporizer might be the best choice for you. If you’ve been vaping for while, you’ll probably remember that, not all that long ago, a desktop vaporizer was the way to go because it offered better performance.


Nowadays, that’s not the case. Portable vaporizers are wildly popular and offer a better vaping experience, if not always better performance (although if you splurge on a good portable vaporizer, you can get superior flavor as well as performance.


Many people who’ve learned to enjoy the benefits of vaping weed have never looked back; for those people, combusting flower is something that they’ll now only do in a pinch.


There are a lot of devices to choose from, and not all vaporizers are the same. Some will vaporize plant material, others vaporize oils or concentrates, while still others do both. Some vaporizers use a conduction method to heat up the substance you’re smoking, while others use a convection method to heat things up. Budget might also be a consideration.


So how do you know which one is right for you? Read on to find out.


The 7 Overall Best Vaporizers of 2017


What Is a Vaporizer?

A vaporizer is a device that heats plant material (cannabis, tobacco, etc.) until the plant’s active ingredients or therapeutic compounds are released. The level of heat is much lower than other combustible methods, which means a release of aromatic vapors instead of smoke.

The vaporizer does not burn the material; instead, it heats the material up to the optimal temperature for an efficient, clear draw that produces effects that are similarly clear and efficient. The vapor that is produced contains almost no zero particular matter and is much less noxious. Burning the material, as in a joint or smoking from a pipe, produces numerous harmful by-products.

Types of  Weed Vaporizers


These days, a broad range of vaporizers are available, and each is convenient depending on your most common way of consuming cannabis.


Desktop Vaporizers

  • Whip Style – This type involves use of a rubber tubing, called a whip, from which you inhale. As you take your toke, your pull draws heat over the herb for a smooth hit.
  • Forced Air – This type features a built-in fan that pushes out air, which fills up an attached balloon with vapor.
  • Multi-functional – This versatile type can be offered with both whip and balloon options are offered. Often, this could have an option for forced air functionality.


Portable Vaporizers


  • Vape Pens Style – Due to its discreet features, this has quickly become the most common marijuana vaping method, as it features a rapid heat time that is ready for a pull in as little as 5 seconds.
  • Portable Vapes – A smaller version that is akin to the desktop vaporizer and comes in various styles and designs, this device is handheld and lightweight.


Which Materials Can Be Vaped?


A variety of substances can be vaped, but the materials being vaped also influence what type of device you’re going to use. Not all vapes work with every substance, so before choosing a vaporizer, decide what you’ll be smoking first.


The most common substances include the following:


  • Dry herb – dried and cured plant material, such as marijuana or tobacco. 


  • Concentrates – the final concentrated product is extracted from dry herb in several different ways, including butane, CO2, or high-proof alcohol.


  • E-juice – liquid used in e-cigarettes that is concentrated and often flavored. May or may not contain nicotine.


Most vaporizers are designed and built to for single-material use. However, recently, there’s been an influx of multi-use devices that are compatible with all substances. In fact, it’s much more popular in vaping weed or tobacco with a vape pen instead of the larger desktop or portable vape machines.


The Importance of Temperature


When you burn your weed through use of joint, pipe, or bong, the temperature can reach well over 500° Fahrenheit (sometimes a joint can burn well over °1000 F.


However, studies have found that the optimal temperature for heating marijuana for consumption is between 350° and 375° F. This allows a wider range of the active, therapeutic ingredients to be released.


Each vaporizer is unique, so you often have to experiment in order to determine the best temperature for your device. Herb that is dry will start vaporizing at a lower temperature, which gives a good, clean high. On the other hand, herb that is more moist will require more heat and longer heating time before producing vapor.


What’s the Difference between Conduction and Convection?

Two types of heating methods are found in vaporizers – conduction and convection – although one has surpassed the other in commonality.


This involves direct contact between the material and the heat source. On earlier iterations of desktop vaporizers, this was the most common method of heating up your herb for vaping.

It is now more common in vape pens and vaporizers for wax concentrate. The substance to be smoked makes direct contact with the element, which heats the substance up and creates vapor, which is then inhaled through the mouthpiece.

This method is very fast, but it has one major drawback – it can result in combustion if you don’t use it correctly.


Using the convection method, the herb or herbal material never directly touches the heating element. Instead, heated air is passed over the material to extract the active or therapeutic ingredients.

Both whip and forced-air vaporizers use this method.


Benefits of a Marijuana Vaporizer


In many ways, vaping cannabis is more beneficial than nearly any other way of ingesting cannabis via heat and inhalation. Let’s take a look at these benefits.


Fewer Health Risks


Although marijuana has many benefits, smoking marijuana via normal combustion (i.e., direct heating with fire from a match or lighter) is not too healthy. In fact, smoking anything can be risky because the combustion of marijuana, tobacco, and other plant materials produces tar and known carcinogens. This often results in lung irritation and can even lead to chronic bronchitis.


This is true of marijuana, even though it’s not been found to cause lung cancer.


Enter vaporizers. They are designed to limit, if not outright eradicate, these health-related concerns. Because they heat the herb material at a lower temperature than direct contact with fire does, your vape device produces an inhalable vapor without harmful by-products; yet, you still get the benefits of the active therapeutic cannabinoids in marijuana.


A Cleaner, Higher High


Because the lower heating temperature produces less tar, the pull is cleaner, which means the high is, too. If you’re the type who holds the smoke in your lungs after inhaling, vaping will more likely be less irritating on your lungs and result in a smoother hit and a cleaner high. There is no tar to mar the effects or the smoothness of the pull.


Some people even report feeling fewer hangover-type effects after using a vaporizer than after using a joint or bong. Some people say that vaping marijuana simply makes them feel better than smoking it.


Furthermore, many newbies make the mistake of puffing on a vape more than they should at first because the onset of the high isn’t immediate like it when smoking a joint or hitting a bong. This can make for couchlock at inopportune times.


But the high is clean and, well, high.


Discreet Toking


First, there is the emission of vapor and smell. Although some desktop and portable vaporizers give off some sort of vapor and/or smell, vape pens generally don’t give off much of a vape cloud or smell.


Second, a vape pen is designed to look like a regular pen. It’s easy to hold in your hand and take a quick pull whenever the occasion calls for it. In public, hitting a vape pen is certainly more discreet than a puffing on a joint or one-hitter.


If you’re puffing on vaporized dry herb, there is likely to be a smell of weed upon exhalation, but there is less of a cloud. If you’re puffing on vaporized oil or wax, then you’ll likely enjoy puffing away without anyone noticing anything at all. It becomes easy to take it virtually anywhere.


You Can Taste Those Flavor Notes


Have you ever heard someone complain that their vaped weed tastes burnt? If so, then it’s usually because the smoker vaped it too much, which results in a burnt taste.

However, if you don’t overheat your herbal material, you might just notice how much flavor vaping delivers. You can taste those pine, lemon, grape, or strawberry notes much better, which makes for a much tastier sesh.




While it’s true that some vape machines do incur a costly initial investment, in the long run, you’re likely to spend less money to medicate or keep yourself high.


A recent study found that burning a joint converts only about 25% of the THC, which means most of the psychoactive chemicals are going to waste. However, the same study found that vaporizers convert nearly twice as much (around 46%) THC. This means you can get high or medicated on less herb, which means more seshes per vape pen cartridge.


By vaping, you’re using the most efficient marijuana consumption method possible.


The Other Side of the Vaporizer Coin


Not everything about vaporizers is agreeable, even if you’re a fan of them. One of the most common complaints about vaporizers is quality. An inexpensive vaporizer often means you get what you pay for. This usually means burnt weed or a hit that isn’t the smooth pull you had expected.


Another drawback for some is price. In order to avoid bad-tasting or burnt weed, you may have to shell out to get a high-quality vaporizer. Although many people suggest getting a cheap vape or lower-end vaporizer if you’re a newbie, be careful. If you really want to enjoy a vaping sesh, we advise spending a little more to get a device of good quality. Luxury vaporizers are not outrages if you have the extra cash to spend. But the best vaporizer for weed doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.


Finally, there’s maintenance (though to be honest, if you’re an OG smoker, you just take maintenance of your smoking device as a normal aspect of owning it). Still, it’s not uncommon for cannabis vaporizers to require regular cleaning and even the occasional replacing of small parts. 


Yet, for most vaping connoisseurs, these drawbacks are a small price to pay for a cleaner, smoother, better sesh.

Choosing the best weed vaporizer for you?



The ideal weed vaporizer for you might not be the ideal device for another person, as which device you decide to buy depends on things such as your personal smoking preferences, budget, portability, and even health (some vaporizers are more difficult to take a pull from, which is problematic if you have respiratory issues). In fact, most good quality vaporizers even come with a warranty, which is an important factor when buying a vaporizer.The best vaporizer for weed in terms of warranty is the PAX 3 (10 years).

Is a marijuana vaporizer worth the investment?

Yes, not only it will allow you to have a completely new experience with weed, but if you’re a frequent user, you will save money within the first year. Some vaporizers are really efficient, allowing you to squeeze all the good stuff from your weed. Even when you’re done vaping, you can still reuse the AVB (Already vape buds) to make edibles. Also, when you pay for a premium vaporizer, you get at least a 2-year warranty ( for the best vaporizer for weed, up to 10), which is amazing for a daily use vape.

One of my favorite incentives to buy a weed vape is discreteness. I don’t like to be intrusive with people around me. Vapes, unlike joints, have far less odor, clouds disappear quicker, and don’t make your clothes stink. Yes, this means they are a weapon to change stigmas associated with weed.

Now, not everything is great. We found some negative aspects to consider. Price, is one of the most important aspects, as a cheap vaporizer can burn your weed. You don’t have to go crazy with the latest most expensive model, but always better to invest a little more than the lowest tier vapes. $100 is the lowest we found to be acceptable. Another downside, maintenance. Some vaporizers require a lot of maintenance, from cleaning to replacing moving pieces, which is far from ideal.

Let’s take a look at 5 vaporizers that we highly recommend.


Best Overall (and Most Innovative): Davinci IQ

The Davinci IQ is an advanced dry herb vaporizer that’s stylish, effective, and built with premium materials. A zirconia air path on the inside of the device allows the vapor to stay cool throughout your sesh. Taking a pull is amazingly flavorful while exhaling results in dense vapor.

It’s also innovatively designed, as it comes with Bluetooth compatibility and an app for your smartphone with various options that make your sesh truly 21st century, such as helping to regulate temperature. It also comes with a 10-year warranty.

Check it out


Best Taste: Firefly 2

The Firefly 2 features a unique convection heating system, which prevents the heat source from touching your dry herb. Taking a pull from the Firefly 2 is instant with just the press of a button.

Inside, the vapor path is made of high-quality glass, which allows for the best flavor possible. You’ll taste those lemon, pine, grape, or dank notes that you almost never get when smoking a joint or hitting a bong. For connoisseurs, this is the best vaporizer for weed money can buy. It comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

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Most Attractive (& Easiest for Newbies): PAX 3

It was love at first sight, as the highly polished anodized aluminum PAX 3 is easily the most attractive vaporizer around. It’s also easy to use and portable, slipping easily into pockets for discretion and convenience. In fact, because of its elegant simplicity, it’s recommended for newbies to vaping scene.

It’s available in four different colors and comes with an app for selecting one of four temperature settings to get the most out of your sesh. It has a 10-year warranty, as well.

Check it out


Best Sesh Sharing: Crafty

From the same folks who brought you the Volcano desktop vaporizer, the Crafty is a durable portable vaporizer that’s perfect for seshing with friends. Best vaporizer for weed if you like to share. It includes both convection and conduction heating that can be adjusted with an app for your smartphone. It produces a tasty vaping sesh with thick clouds that makes sharing with friends a great experience. It comes with a 2-year warranty.

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The Best Value for Your Money: G Pen Elite

The G Pen Elite gives you full value for your money. For ground herb only, the G Pen Elite has great features – it comes with a G Card, G Pen Tool, and cleaning brush – and is simple to use; you most likely don’t even need to use the manual. Maintenance is a breeze, pulls are smooth, and exhalation produces thick clouds of vapor. It comes with a 1-year warranty.

They just announced the G Pen Gio and G Pen Pro. Which both could be the best vaporizer for weed to come out this year. One for concentrates and the other for dry herb.  Save 10% off with the G Pen Coupon Code HMJ.

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If you’re looking for the best vaporizer for weed.

We’ve recently reviewed the G Pen Pro Vaporizer, which is the best vape under $100 you can buy online. We claimed it the best budget vaporizer, but with a superb performance.

Last thoughts

Hope you learned and are closer to chose the right vape with on our best vaporizers guide for 2017. If you still looking or have any questions, leave us a comment! We’ll love to hear your personal experience.