7 Best Marijuana Vaporizers of 2017- Dry Herb & Wax

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7 Best Marijuana Vaporizers of 2017- Dry Herb & Wax

Are you looking to find your next portable vaporizer?

We got you covered! We just spent several weeks reviewing the latest vaporizers on the market for 2017, scouring customer reviews from reputable consumer sites as well as top manufacturers’ websites, and most important, personally putting some mileage on this vapes. We find out there’s is not a perfect vaporizer, and even our team had different preferences. We strongly recommend researching before making the final call, especially for your first weed vaporizer.

Best Overall

The Davinci IQ is the most advanced dry herb vaporizer we’ve tested. Stylish and solid on the looks, but the best part is hidden inside. Built with the most premium materials, like the zirconia air path, makes the vapor stay cool throughout the session. This generates dense vapor and amazing flavor, especially for loose leaf materials.

We know vaping is a cleaner alternative to smoking our favorite herb, but making the jump isn’t always easy. For veteran smokers, it might take some time to get used to lighter “clouds” or smooth hits. That’s why finding the right vape for you is important. Most of the vaporizers nowadays are portable, as their convenience surpasses the performance of a desktop vaporizer, and if budget isn’t a problem you can even find superior flavor on a portable unit.

Once you enjoyed the benefits of vaporizing, it’s hard to combust your cannabis again. But don’t be afraid, a joint will always be an alternative! Vaporizers, like every other 21st-century gadget, has its drawbacks. That’s why we put together this list, so you can research before making the final call.

But before investing in your next vaporizer. Let’s learn a bit about the different types of vaporizers. The first thing you should ask is whether you want to vape dry herb, concentrates or both. Most of the units we tested allow dual use, but not all. Secondly, if you’re looking for a convection or conduction vaporizer, which will affect the performance and quality of the vapor. Lastly, the portability/size, which can determine the duration of the battery or discreteness.   With so many models available on the market (and an extense range of prices), finding the right one is a challenge. If you aren’t willing to pay up a premium price, we’ve included some alternatives for you.


The 7 Overall Best Vaporizers of 2017

Choosing the Best Vaporizer for You


The best weed vaporizer for you will depend on your unique preferences and budget. Health conditions might also influence your choice, as some vaporizers have more draw resistance, which difficult the use of those with respiratory issues. We recommend checking with your physician if that’s the case.

Is a marijuana vaporizer worth the investment?

Yes, not only it will allow you to have a completely new experience with weed, but if you’re a frequent user, you will save money within the first year. Some vaporizers are really efficient, allowing you to squeeze all the good stuff from your weed. Even when you’re done vaping, you can still reuse the AVB (Already vape buds) to make edibles. Also, when you pay for a premium vaporizer, you get at least a 2-year warranty ( up to 10 for the best-in-class), which is amazing for a daily use vape.

One of my favorite incentives to buy a vape is discreteness. I don’t like to be intrusive with people around me. Vapes, unlike joints, have far less odor, clouds disappear quicker, and don’t make your clothes stink. Yes, this means they are a weapon to change stigmas associated with weed.

Now, not everything is great. We found some negative aspects to consider. Price, is one of the most important aspects, as a cheap vaporizer can burn your weed. You don’t have to go crazy with the latest most expensive model, but always better to invest a little more than the lowest tier vapes. $100 is the lowest we found to be acceptable. Another downside, maintenance. Some vaporizers require a lot of maintenance, from cleaning to replacing moving pieces, which is far from ideal.

Our favorite vaporizers


The Most innovative

Davinci IQ

The Davinci IQ has some great features for mid price value. The vaporizer comes with Bluetooth and smartphone app to control the temperature – but also has the option to use it with out connecting to the app. Warranty: 10 years

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The Best Taste

Firefly 2

The Firefly 2 has a unique convection heating system –  this means the heat source does not touch the dry herb. That allows having instant draws with the press of a button. Combining that with the high-quality glass vapor path, it creates the best flavor from all vapes we’ve tried. Beware: It has some learning curve! Warranty: 2 year limited warranty.

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The Best Looking


The PAX 3 with no doubt has the best aesthetics out of all vaporizers, it’s also the best one for use and portability. Highly recommended for new & intermediate vapers. Also has an app to select the desired temperature and even hidden games! Warranty: 10 years

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The Best Session Sharing Vape


The Crafty is built to last, made in Germany from the famous manufacturer company Storz & Bickel , which made the Volcano. Tasteful vapor and think clouds, with an above average battery, make it perfect for vaping with friends.

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The Best for the price

G Pen Elite

The G Pen Elite is built with great features and solid feel, for an excellent value. To use the G pen you don’t need a manual, it’s that simple. Also, maintenance is pretty low with this unit. If you like oils. They just announced the G Pen Gio and G Pen Pro.

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Last thoughts

Hope you learned and are closer to chose the right vape with on our best vaporizers guide for 2017. If you still looking or have any questions, leave us a comment! We’ll love to hear your personal experience.